Monday, January 26, 2009


It should be obvious to one and all that the city of Canton Healy adminstration is in crisis. Exactly what Canton and Stark County needs in a time of national, state and local economic severely troubled times.

Earlier in January, Safety Director Thomas Nesbitt tries to jump ship by applying for a 9-1-1 post.

Now this.

Mayor Healy pushes Services Director and Chief-of-Staff Thomas Bernabei overboard (fires) - according to a call from an elected official to the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report).

Earlier this month Bernbei was subjected to questioning by the FBI about whether or not there was any connection between campaign contributions received by Team Healy, if any, from a trio of Cuyahoga County political figures and a switch ordered by Healy to 1-888OhioComp (a workers' compensation processing company).

One step further.

Is there any connection with Bernabei's firing and the answers he gave the FBI? Or, is the reason that Bernabei has too much clout among administration staffers and most members of Canton City Council.

The Report has recounted previously on reports that Bernabei had assumed the role of being de facto mayor in light of the crisis atmosphere that is enveloping Canton City Hall.

The Report has been hearing for months of ongoing friction between the mayor and city council. Asked by The Report about these report, Bernabei acknowledge that there were problems but that he (Bernabei) had a handle on matters and that there was a working relationship between council and the mayor.

Another possible reason is that there is a dispute as between Mayor Healy and Canton City Council as to whether or not the contemplated Cooperative Economic Development Agreement (CEDA) being proposed by Council is good for Canton.

De facto, leader Bill Smuckler (Don Casar is the de jure leader) is pushing the CEDA. The Report believes that Healy may remain opposed to the council initiative (primarily because of the 99 year agreement not to annex) and, perhaps, blames Bernabei for not managing council effectively on the Canton/Jackson Township dance.

The Repository's coverage of the firing today has the following in terms of Healy's evaluation of Bernabei:
In a written job performance review on July 25, 2008, Bernabei scored 49 of a possible 50 points. In it, Healy noted Bernabei was “across the board — great,” and “I am honored to have you as Chief of Staff.”
Why do you think Bernabei got fired?


Anonymous said...

ASK THE F.B.I. for that answer!

Anonymous said...

Man all life boats! Hurry!

Anonymous said...

You should check to see if any one else has been told to keep their mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

All the new (and many) new hires on the 8th floor, all were told not to even talk to anyone, not even other City employees from different departments. Everything goes through Adam Herman (the voice of "the king"). They don't even answer the telephone. (just try and call someone up there sometime)

Anonymous said...

I agree, everyone has been VERY tight-lipped about what happened!

Anonymous said...

LOL, even the Repository has SHUT OFF the comments on this story, at least at this point (8:45pm). Maybe Jeff G was threatened by Healy as well?

Anonymous said...

I noticed the comments were gone too! Wow this must be big.

Anonymous said...

check healy is on there. Does this have anything to do with it?

Anonymous said...

jealosy possibly, bernabei's been the "go to" man in canton for a long time