Friday, January 30, 2009


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) does not believe that Canton Safety Director Thomas Nesbitt will be selected from among 10 finalists to be Stark County 9-1-1 project manager.

The Report further believes that Nesbitt making the final 10 list was along the lines of a "professional courtesy" rather than a real interest in hiring Nesbitt.

For its part, The Report believes that there has to be someone among the 10 who is far more familiar with Stark County and all its political subdivision "nooks and crannies" (i.e. the unincorporated areas of the county such as Uniontown, villages, cities and townships) than Nesbitt could possibly be (he's only been in the county a little over a year).

Additionally, there has to be an experienced, knowledgeable and respected Stark County-based 9-1-1 person who is in tune with the particularities of the geographics of the county that the Stark County Council of Governments (SCOG) 9-1-1 Governing Committee can, and in the opinion of The Report, should hire.

If The Report is correct and Nesbitt is not a "real" candidate for the 9-1-1 post, an interest question remains.

Will Mayor Healy want to keep him on as safety director?

The Report has been told by an area law enforcement official that Nesbitt would not last the week. Well, it appears (of course, the day is not over yet) that the official's assessment may not be correct.

The official's assessment is not necessarily that Healy is itching to fire Nesbitt. It could be that Nesbitt is looking to leave on his own. Evidence that it is the latter rather than the former is in Nesbitt's applying for the 9-1-1 project manager's job in the first place.

Many Stark County political observers were stunned by Nesbitt's move. His action was a tip off as well as a confirmation (i.e. based on other developments) to those of us that have some understanding of politics that all was not well within the Healy administration. Of course, the unfolding of events has made it clear to one and all that these are, indeed, troubled times for the Healy administration.

The Report believes that we will not know for sure what Nesbitt's standing is with the Healy administration until the 9-1-1 project manager hiring is done. Obviously, if The Report is wrong and he does get the job, then the "standing matter" becomes a moot issue.

However, if he does not get the job; then we will know more.


Anonymous said...

Director Nesbitt is yet another story in and of itself. He was unable to manage effectively in Nebraska. Why no one bothered to do a background check that would have revealed those details is odd. Unless, of course, it was decided that no one would ever look.

Anonymous said...

If this guy was smart, he would be packing his bags, who would want to work for Healy????

Anonymous said...

Yes, this could be "another" story or it could also be just another chapter in an even BIGGER story.

M. Nesbitt has had a long career in law enforcement. It's not improbable that during his time in city hall that he "knows" (saw or heard) a few things, or just has that old nagging feeling that something is not "right" and would like to make a more gracious exit ....