Saturday, January 3, 2009


A STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) commenter wants to know whether or not the potentials to run against Todd Bosley for county commissioner in 2010 is limited to Republican John P. Hagan (defeated in November by Democrat Pete Ferguson) or Richard Regula (whom Bosley defeated on 2060).

The answer? Probably.

The Report had received a tip that Louisville Republican Councilman Guy Guidone was thinking about making a run against Bosley.

The Report has talked with Guidone about his possibly running against Bosley in 2010.

Guidone tells The Report that his running is unlikely if either Regula or Hagan take out petitions to run in the 2010 Republican primary.

The Louisville councilman first got involved in public life several years ago working on a committee which was deal with city of Louisville finances.

He ran for city council in 2005 and was defeated. But in an encore race in 2007 Guidone won.

He describes himself as a social conservative who has a "pro-life" political agenda.

As of now, it appears that the only chance that Guidone will be running against Bosley would be a scenario in which both Regula and Hagan opt out. Then, in the interest of not defaulting the office to an unopposed Democrat, perhaps Guy Guidone will be tossing his political hat in to the ring of county politics.


Anonymous said...

Bosley is doing what he said he would do if nessessary. Stark needs leadership and not more of the sit back and hope the county turns itself around Republicans like we have had in the past ie.Regula or Hagen. Bosley said he was going to fix Stark Counties economic and finacial woes and he has found a way to also fix 911. Something else he promised to fix. There is nothing wrong with Bosely except for the fact he is doing exactly what he said he would do. I know that is unusual for most in Stark County, but I am sure people will get used to it and really start to like it! Here is a famous quote the Report agrees with, "Republican's say government is broke than get elected and prove it." Lets not go back to broken government Stark Countians!

Anonymous said...

Stark County wouldn't be broke if the Democrats didn't control the majority of offices over the last 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind Stark County has been operating on reduced revenues over the last 12 years controlled by Columbus. Lets see the Taft administration lead by a Republican controlled State Legislature over the last 10 to 16 years has spent Ohio into a ditch the size of the Grand Canyon. They have eliminated the personal property tax, changed the Local Government Funds formula to reduce the amount of revenue coming back to the local level, instated the Estate Tax formula that phases out the those funds coming back to the local level. All of this was done to help create jobs and help business. Well, I can see the entire great job market that have being created by this and all that has happened is the financial burden has been now passed back to the local level to make up in the form of additional property taxes or the recent sales tax. So yes like I said before, Republicans like to say government is broken but they have more than proven at the State and Federal Level how broke they have made all of us. And by the way you can blame your next School levy on the Republicans that have been in control also.