Tuesday, January 27, 2009


With the "wipe-out" that occurred at Canton City Hall yesterday - Monday, January 26, 2009 - CANTON'S BLACK MONDAY; the Hall of Fame city is now leaderless.

Yes, Healy has the title of mayor. But he as lost the confidence and respect of many Cantonians and Stark Countians.

What confidence he had was wrapped up in the public perception that Service Director/Chief-of-Staff Thomas Bernabei was the man really in charge. In the end, this perception proved to be more than Healy can bear. The details are and will continue to leak out.

Increasingly, Cantonians will be treated to Healy and Council being at loggerheads. Smuckler, Cireill, Schulman will be names to surface that have equal if not superior billing to the name Healy.

The STARK COUNTY REPORT (The Report) believes that if William J. Healy, II lingers, he will be doing so to the great detriment of Canton, and, because of Canton's key position in larger Stark County - to the great detriment of Stark County.

The entire nation has its back up against the wall on the economy. Stark County and Canton shares that plight. Trudging through the quagmire of one political intrigue after another has and will continue to mire Canton in a cesspool of conspiratorial-esque poltics that make it impossible to begin solving the local aspect of the economic downturn.

If Healy cared about Canton and Stark County and their future economic viability, he would resign today.

Canton in losing precious time on it economic rehab quest being embroiled in Politics-Team-Healy.

The Report is not optimistic that Healy will resign.

But he should!


Anonymous said...

The mayor is now extremely paranoid. Its just a matter of time before he implodes and this City can elect someone who really cares!

Anonymous said...

If the FBI has taken on his requested investigation that negates any sense of paranoia. One would expect that the Feds have too much on their plate to get involved in political paranoia.

Anonymous said...

No one has said the feds are doing an investigation. Just that Healy gave them the letters. I still don't see any federal crime here that has even been alleged.