Thursday, January 15, 2009


Safety Director Thomas Nesbitt's application to become 9-1-1 project manager has set off a swirl of speculation that Mayor William Healy, II could be next.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that The Repository is furiously pursing this story.

The question being asked?

Why is the mayor making inquiries about alternative job opportunities far and flung?

Some reports have Healy getting an Obama administration job. Others having him asking about various university positions. And, of course, being the paragon of knowing the business community inside and out and being an entrepreneur himself, it wouldn't surprise The Report to learn he is looking to make his mark with a Fortune 500 company.

Apparently, Healy doesn't want to be the last one to exit. The Report has learned that Services Direct Tom Bernabei has told the mayor he will not be staying on beyond 2009.

Who else, The Report wonders, in the Healy administration is looking for alternatives.

But the big question is this.

All this uncertainty that the Nesbitt application triggered. Is this bode well for the future of Canton?


Anonymous said...

All rumor and innuendo.

However, it appears that Healey is overwhelmed in his current position so one of these "rumors" could come true in the very near future.

It is surprising to hear about a potential post in the Obama administration, especially since during the primaries he refused to back either candidate. (Talk about a lack of b*lls)

Maybe all of them are coming to grips with reality ~ Canton is a dying city?

Anonymous said...

This guy ran for Mayor for one reason, Term Limits. He knew if he didn't run for this office he would be without a cushy gov't job. He fooled the voters of Canton into believing that Mayor Creighton wasn't doing her job. WRONG! Canton lost one of the most devoted Mayors this City/State has ever seen. (Just ask any Democrat Council Member) Janet....Please come back!