Monday, August 3, 2009



Moments ago the SCPR got an e-mail response from Commissioner Pete Ferguson from an e-mail sent several days ago:

Here is the text of the e-mail: (in yellow)

From: Martin Olson, as a citizen/voter in Stark County also, publisher of the Stark County Political Report E-mail: phone: 330 699 5002 Commissioner Ferguson: As you know from reading my blog, I do not accept that public officials think they can ignore questions related to their public function. whether from the media or an everyday citizen. You still have not answered my questions to you e-mailed on 3/6/2009. Though I think giving you an opportunity - by asking the question via e-mail - to get your material together and reflecting on your response before making it via return e-mail is the preferred way to go; you have ignored me so far. Such is unacceptable. Perhaps, I will have to attend a commissioners' meeting and ask them in public? If you would prefer I ask them at a commissioners' meeting, that's fine with me. Let me know within the next few days. Here are some additional questions posed by a reader of the SCPR: One thing that I wanted to know..... back when he was running, he was promising that he was going to make large donations to local charities whether win or loose. Since he won, I believe the deal was that he was going to donate his first years salary to a charity. Do you know if he has followed through with his promise? If so, what is the charity? Also, does he insist on still being called doctor because he is still practicing medicine??? Another promise broken??

In response to your e-mail although I make charitable donations, I never said I would donate my salary to charity and I never have and do not insist on being called doctor.

During the run up to the 2008 elections, the SCPR did a piece on the campaign between Pete Ferguson (Democrat) and John Hagan (Republican) in a contest for who was going to succeed Jane Vignos (Republican) as Stark County commissioner.

Political insiders from both sides of the aisle were telling yours truly how utterly lazy each were being in campaigning for office.

Their laziness was highly relevant material for a SCPR blog.

Why's that?

Because if you can't work your tail off to get a job, once you get the job then it highly likely you are going to sit back, relax and muse to yourself "mission accomplished. i got my job without much effort: why would I change my style now?"

And that it exactly what has happened.

Pete Ferguson is about the most comatose county commissioner that Stark County has had in many a year. To boot, one of the most insecure! (insists on being called DOCTOR Ferguson). Moreover, he does not keep his promises (see below), at least to the SCPR.

Stark Countians were between "the devil and the deep blue sea" on selecting between Ferguson and Hagan because both have the same public sector work ethic.

When the SCPR did the "laziest" article, Ferguson called yours truly to complain. "But Martin, I have always liked you," he said. As if that has anything to do with anything.

By all reports, Ferguson is a nice guy, but the SCPR does not factor in "nice person, nasty person" attributes.

In the same telephone call, yours truly asked Ferguson to answer a few questions: Ferguson: "I don't have the time now, but I will call you back."

I'm still waiting Commissioner Ferguson.

On the Stark County commissioners website, visitors are invited to e-mail the commissioners. So being naive, as yours truly is prone to be, off went an e-mail to Ferguson (March 6, 2009).

What was the was the question and what was the answer?

The question had to do with a potential "conflict-in-interest" and seeking specific information on campaign contributions.

The answer?

I'm still waiting Commissioner Ferguson.

The SCPR adamantly maintains that public officials are duty bound to answer citizen questions. And, when they don't or if they "cherry pick" (i.e. answer only self-aggrandizing questions); that, in and of itself disqualifies them to be re-elected.

So, DOCTOR Ferguson when are you going to keep your promise and return that call? And, when are you going to answer the e-mail?


BD said...

Sounds like the same response I get when I email our "elected officials" at the statehouse. The only one who has ever ressponed to me outside of an auto-response is Scott Oelslagher (whose name I always spell wrong.)Once they get the job, they feel no duty to actually follow through


I've received responses in the past, but usually they didn't answer a direct question ..... Regula, Voinovich and Brown wer all the same.

Healy never returns emails.

Bosley does, at times.

Harmon has on occasion.

I'm think it's too hot in the kitchen right now.