Sunday, August 16, 2009


Mayor William J. Healy, II is well known for his tirades up on the 8th floor of Canton City Hall.

His penchant for volatility has seeped out into the public domain. Not long ago, a county official told the SCPR of an incident in which Healy started yelling at him because the official didn't respond to a Healy phone call as soon as the Mayor thought his status (as mayor) indicated.

The SCPR has learned that at a recent Stark Council of Governments (SCOG) meeting Healy burst into the meeting, interrupted the conclave to demand that newly appointed safety director Thomas Ream get up and go with Healy for an urgent get together.

Observers were taken aback at the servile way in which Ream responded to Healy's humiliating and disrespectful breech of the SCOG meeting.

How long will Ream allow such treatment to go on?

Why would the SCPR ask?

Because Ream is known to have a huge ego of his bordering on arrogance.

As Stark Countians and Cantonians, in particular know, Healy has a hard time working with others. Less than two years into his administration he has disposed of former service director and chief of staff Thomas Bernabei and former safety director Thomas Nesbitt; both men of ability and strength of personality.

Ream seems to be out of the same mold except in the opinion of the SCPR he has nowhere near the judgment acumen of Bernabei and Nesbitt.

The SCPR doubts that Ream will last long with Healy.

Just to step aside and be a little bit funny. What is it about Healy and appointees with the first name Thomas. Thomas Bernabei, Thomas Nesbitt and now Thomas Ream. Hmm?

And the Healy beat goes on at City Hall while Canton sinks to new depths!

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yogi89 said...

Ream wont last. His ego is too big and will eventually conflict with Healys' ego. I feel badly for the citizens of Canton for their poor leadership. I know Ream personally and know him to be a jack ass.