Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Being the academic he is (at least in his own mind), Mayor William J. Healy, II might be doing a case study on the topic: "Chaos Theory of Government."

There's a rumor afoot that Healy, when he was an MBA student at the New York University Stern School of Business, came up with a brilliant idea of doing a master thesis on applying the well known scientific "chaos theory" to government and politics.

A classic definition of chaos theory is: "finding order is disorder."

So how does one apply chaos theory to government and politics?

First, one must create disorder.

Hasn't Mayor Healy done a masterful job since January 1, 2008?

As the SCPR has written frequently, Healy has generated one crisis after another. Canton roils in instability. Just do a search in the SCPR search box for "Healy."

A good part of Canton's disorder has been generated by Healy's ego-maniacal drive to be "the man-in-charge." Even his cabinet officials shake their collective heads at the paranoia that reigns on the eighth floor. Only communications director Adam Herman is trusted. Everyone else is suspect. Bernabei (former service director and chief of staff) and Nesbitt (former safety director) - both strong leaders - found out the hard way about the Healy need to be in absolute control.

The SCPR predicts that new safety director Thomas Ream will be next. Many sources tell yours truly that Ream is every bit the match of Healy for ego. So it will not be long before Ream is out.

Second, one must reconstruct by bringing for order from the created disorder.

The problem is that Healy wouldn't know order if it came up and hit him square in the face.

Council is trying to bring forth the order that Canton so sorely needs. As soon as the council persons think they are succeeding, what does Healy do. He mixes in some darkness so the order cannot be found.

Healy loves this fight.

How's that?

You just throw confusion after confusion after confusion into the mayor/council mix and where are you? Right where Healy likes it best: in the state of chaos.

The difference between scientists and the chaos theory is that the scientists are actually looking for something constructive out of the apparent disorder which can be built upon.

Healy is so utterly self-serving and arbitrary that he is incapable of identifying the positive and building for the benefit of all.

In application, Healy is unsurpassed in creating chaos.

But the other end of the theory: order out of disorder? He is in the dark!

Others will have to redeem the day for Canton.

In the meantime Canton is digging "a hole of chaos" that it will take a generation or more to dig out of!

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