Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The SCPR has learned that by a 3 to 1 vote among the Stark, Wayne, Ashland and Medina County Republican chairman, Jim Renacci is their choice to run against Democrat John Boccieri.

Who did the one dissenting vote go to?

Stark County native Phil Kiko on the vote of Chairman Jeff Matthews?



Guess again.


Ashland County's Matt Miller by the Ashland County chair Robert DeSanto?


Stark County Republicans certainly will be amazed to learn about this turn of events. As the SCPR has been saying for months now, Matthews is the undoing of the Stark Republican Party. Question is: how long is the Stark County Republican Executive Committee going to keep putting up with this guy?

The SCPR has learned that Renacci has hired a political director (thought to be from Oklahoma and is off and running like the nomination is in the bag for him.

But hold on just a minute!

Matt Miller of Ashland will run against the party chairmen's choice in the 2010 GOP primary, and, maybe Stark County native Phil Kiko too.

The SCPR believes that should Kiko choose to run he will win a close race over Miller and Renacci would come in a distant third.

If Kiko does not run, the yours truly thinks Renacci will eke out a narrow victory over Miller mostly because Miller is an extreme right wing Republican who plays well with the Republican base but not the more moderate elements of the party.

In the judgment of the SCPR, if Kiko runs then the Republicans could be competitive to win back the 16th. Whether or not he would win a general election against Boccieri would depend how the Democratic National Party is perceived in the public eye.

Cap-and-trade, health care and other major issues would play a large role with Kiko being the GOP standard-bearer.

The issues would take a back seat if former Wadsworth mayor and current Chevy car dealer Renacci proves to be the Republican nominee. The SCPR has already received input from sources indicated that Renacci may carry a lot of negative political baggage with him.

Undoubtedly, Democrat John Boccieri has to be pleased with the chairmen's choice.

The only only roadblock to Renacci carrying the day is Stark County native Phil Kiko.

Local politicos should keep and eye Kiko's decision as pivotal on whether or not there is a realistic chance that this seat is competitive in 2010.

Below are links to previous SCPR blogs on each of the Republicans interested in running.




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P said...

C'mon SCPR! You are our loyal political insider. Spill the beans on this:

"Also, don't be suprised if at least one other GOPer jumps into the Congressional race. There is talk of another Stark County candidate; an elected Rebuplican with one of the most significant bases in the county and plenty of ambition."

We are not all as plugged in as the SCPR. However, we are just as curious. Could it be J.W. or maybe T.E.? What do you think?