Thursday, August 27, 2009


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The Alliance Review reports that the Stark Citizens Right to Vote Committee scored big time in its effort to get 13,950 signatures to place the Stark County commissioner "imposed" sales/use tax increase (0.5 of a percent) on Stark County purchases.

Not only did the committee get the 13,950, they went well beyond and the minimum and ended up with 19,309.

As readers of the SCPR know, yours truly has been skeptical of the committee's ability to collect the minimum number of valid signatures because of a perceived weakness in the leadership of the group.

Clearly, the group has proved yours truly's skepticism as being unfounded.

Hats off! to the Stark Citizens Right to Vote Committee.

You have to wonder whether or not Commissioner Todd Bosley (who was the driving force behind imposing the increase) is beginning to have concerns that this effort may have on his re-election chances.

Last evening, the SCPR talked with Jackson Township trustee Republican James Walters who indicated that he is taking a serious look at challenging Bosley in 2010.

Walters says that the sales/use tax increase repeal will be approved in "slam-dunk" fashion.

If Walters is correct, then Bosley has a lot to worry about in terms of his re-election prospects because of how he is "joined at the hip" with the increase.

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