Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Step aside North Canton unless you want to get run over!

Jackson fiscal officer and Stark County Democratic Party chair Randy "I use Stark County government as a family employment agency, Gonzalez has donned his "polar bear" personality and is "huffing and puffing" as if he is going to blow your house down.

Benjamin Duer in writing an account of a Jackson trustees meeting of last night (Jackson officials finalize economic development deal with Canton) and the Canton-Jackson frustration with North Canton's legal challenge to their joint economic venture, reported this statement made by Gonzalez, to wit:
Township Fiscal Officer Randy Gonzalez said Canton and Jackson represent nearly one-third of Stark County’s population, and that this economic development agreement has been delayed by a community of 14,000 people. ... Gonzalez estimated Canton and Jackson’s combined population at 124,000.
So that makes Gonzalez a "might makes right" guy.

Folks like Gonzalez in government often turn out to be very dangerous people. We already see how he uses government for his family advantage plan. What's next?

Is he going to use his considerable political power to punish North Canton for fending for its own interests?

Of course, he has a "higher purpose." He is only about "start working on and start economic development, and maybe create jobs" for Canton and Jackson. North Canton and the rest of Stark County can just go hang themselves in their state of economic despair?

The truth of the matter is that the Canton/Jackson economic development plan is a "House of Cards." Sam "the self-proclaimed 'Darth Vader to the Townships'" Sliman thinks he can bail out the Healy administration through annexation.

Healy himself has his eye on Kent State Stark and the Stark State College of Technology as a treasurer trove of more income tax revenue. What a deal for Canton. Not so good for the employees of the colleges. Pay the tax and get nothing for it.

Gonzalez in his capacity as a Jackson community leader hasn't be able to convince Jacksonians that their future lies in incorporating. Not this nonsense of making agreements whereby Canton/North Canton/Massillon will not annex for a zillion years.

If Gonzalez, Sliman and Healy are examples of what the future holds for Stark County in terms of style and quality of leadership, then these are the best of times for Stark (on a relative scale of being higher on the scale today than we will be tomorrow) and things will only get measurably worse as time passes unless and until Stark Countians reject leaders who continue like the aformentioned who persist in doing the same old things that produce negative results.

These are indeed troubled times for Stark.

And we all better run for cover for "da bear is on a rampage!"

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