Thursday, October 22, 2009


Several months ago Mayor John Grogan was involved in a controversy about a bar fight in one of Canal Fulton's bars.  Questions arose about how the Canal Fulton police investigated the matter and the decision making process"not to prosecute" Grogan was made by the Massillon Law Department.

Next chapter.

Probably the last thing most citizens of Canal Fulton want to happen is for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to "getting on their back."  But sources tell the SCPR that the ACLU may be in the process of packing its bags and coming to Canal Fulton.

Why is that?

Because there is a heated election going on in Canal Fulton.  There are four seats up on Canal Fulton City Council this November and a group nominated "the slate of four" by the SCPR is running to unseat incumbents Cihon, Deans, Downings, and Zahirsky.

There are a total of six candidates running for the seats.  The SCPR has endorsed the "slate of four" and non group member Susan Mayberry.

It seems as if Council Loesch (as he reportedly stated at Council meeting this week) had a couple of complaints about the 4 foot by 6 foot signs planted throughout Canal Fulton by Messers Bagocious, Buwala, Gabbard and Mouse (the members of "the slate of four").

The question to Councilman Losch:  Do these signs comply with Canal Fulton sign regulations.

Hmm?  Mayor Grogan apparently says to himself, being a person who likely wants to keeps Council just the way it is, "manna from heaven!"

So he sends his zoning inspector out to check the signs.

The SCPR send Mayor Grogan an e-mail asking about the reported "sending out the zoning inspector" initiative, but Grogan is not answering.

Finding of the zoning inspector?

The sign dimensions do not comply with zoning standards.

So, what to do?

If Grogan et al order the signs taken down, then - for sure, such would be s clear invitation to the ACLU "coming to town."

Hmm?  Grogan and friends must has counseled among themselves:  how can we deal with this and, perhaps, achieve the objective of getting the signs down?

Someone from among the City Hallers likely pipes up.  "Eureka!  I've got it."  "Let's send a letter to each and every property owner telling him/her that the signs are not in compliance - but leave it at that. If we take no offcial action, then what is there for the ACLU - if they come - to do?"

More and more Canal Fulton City Hall is looking like Canton City Hall.  Political machinations and manipulations galore.  All while the city is struggling to survive tough economic times.

Grogan and his incumbent friends on Council likely have outsmarted themselves on this one.  They seem bent on putting their citizens smack dab in the middle of a turmoil that does not reflect positively on Canal Fulton.

H1N1 is spreading these days.

And so, too, is politics for politics sake among Stark's communities as November 3rd approaches.

In the case of Canal Fulton, city officials may be inviting a guest into the "canal boat city" who will be staying for longer that it takes for a ride on the St. Helena?

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Victor said...

Zoning code is pretty clear in Canal Fulton. I don't think the size is the issue as much as obtaining a permit for the over-sized signs.

I say the signs should stay, although they do look kind of odd in someone's yard.