Monday, October 19, 2009


Frequently, the SCPR is told:  "Everyone in Stark County needs to come to the Stark County Political Report to find out what is really happening in the backrooms of Stark County government and politics."

Growth in the SCPR readership has grown dramatically since March, 2008 when the Stark County Political Report launched.

And steady, weekly growth continues.

The SCPR growth so far is totally the product of readers who encourage their Stark County friends and family to visit The Report.  The SCPR does no advertising.

The Stark County Political Report is content for Stark County citizens to learn over time the value added of  the SCPR's incisive political analysis to citizen knowledge of our local government and the officials who staff it.

Yours truly thanks SCPR readers for their work in bringing new readers.

In time, the SCPR will become "the source of choice" for anyone who wants an independent minded look at Stark County government and politics.

Pat DeLuca of DeLuca in the Morning (Q92/WDJQ-FM in Alliance) recently contacted me to inquire whether or not the SCPR was interested in going "live" on the radio.

Obviously, the answer was "yes" and so this Wednesday at 9:05 A.M. yours truly will make a debut on Q92.

The SCPR thanks Q92 for this opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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Barb Devies said...

Good for you Martin!!!