Friday, October 16, 2009


The SCPR was out to Canal Fulton/Lawrence Township on Wednesday evening.

With video camera in hand, The Report captured the presentations of the six candidates for Lawarence Township trustee.

Six are vying for two slots.

Each candidate gets space on the video inserted in this blog which readers can view below.

Karen Nelsen is the SCPR's top choice as she had the most visionary, clear and specific agenda.

Incumbent trustee Marvin Hardgrove is a good second choice.  Hardgrove has been trustee for 18 years and has specific projects (toranado warning siren and water park) in the works for the next four years, if elected.

Pat Jorden is a long time community resident who has spent countless hours monitoring and contributing (as a citizen) to the welfare of Lawrence Township and, in the judgment of the SCPR, would be a viable alternative to either Nelsen or Hardgrove for voters who have a problem with either of these two.

Darci Knight, Lester Kamph and Shawn Lockhart round out the field of candidates.  Nothing that the SCPR heard in their presentations distinguishes them as potential trustees.

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