Thursday, October 1, 2009


A day or so ago the SCPR received a telephone call from a well known Stark County politico and, in the course of the conversation, the caller started a discussion about Tim Wise, Marlboro Township trustee.


CALLER:  What do you think about the candidates for Marlboro Township trustee?

SCPR:  Which candidate?

CALLER:  Tim Wise.

SCPR:  Not much.

CALLER:  Why's that?  i Think he is head and shoulders above the others running.  He is really smart.  Way smarter than Cognata, Eddleman and Hagan.

SCPR:  Tell me all about it.  So is William J. Healy, II, the mayor of Canton smarter than everyone else.  Just ask the mayor, he will tell you how sharp he is.  So will Tim Wise.

Just don't cross Tim.   For, if you do, he will not rest until he nails you.  Just ask Police Chief Devies.  Exactly what Marlboro Township needs, Mr. "Wiser Than Everyone-else" ridding township government of anyone who dares speak up to him.  Right out of the Healy playbook (remember Bernabei, remember Nesbitt?).



So the SCPR is clear from the Devies incident that Marlboro Township voters should not entertain for one nano-second the notion of voting for Tim Wise.  The turmoil at township hall needs to end.  It may be quiet now, but Wise, armed with a new term, would stir things up anew.

The SCPR agrees with the caller (who was obviously put up to calling yours truly on behalf of Wise) that Tim is a "Wise Guy."  But what kind of "Wise Guy?"

Wise Guys tend to be trouble for all who cross their paths.

Tim Wise has proven in his initial term to be no exception.

If the SCPR was a Marlboro Township voter, the only two candidates worth considering are Cognata and Edelman.

Why not former trustee John Hagan?

Because he is too lazy as a public official.  He was as former trustee and as a state representative. 

Hagan's campaign pace and energy for county commissioner is lazy as a candidate gets.  But Pete Ferguson gave him a run for his money in that race (2008).

Hagan was so used to running in a gerrymandered district, that he couldn't adapt to a competitive political district.  The SCPR understands that he is working this campaign by telephone.  He and his wife calling voters.

Well, what's wrong with that?

His laziness shows up as a public official.  He ignores many of his constituents.  Only his personal friends and political allies have any chance at all to get his attention.

In all the years (probably about eight) that yours truly has known Hagan, only one constituent has had positive things to say about him.

Think about that.

In eight years, only one!

Yours truly hears all kinds of accolades for Scott Oelslager (Republican - Ohio House - 51st) and Kirk Schuring (Republican - Ohio Senate - 29th), but only one for John Hagan.

Not to be remiss, the SCPR takes this occasion to recognize Mr. Hagan for that one rave review he gets.

A certain Mr. Kevin Ellis, who lives in Louisville (which was included in Hagan's 50th Ohio House District), asked Hagan to look into the whereabouts of cetain "flood" repair money for Louisville that was in the pipeline from the federal government through state government.

Hagan tracked the money down and Kevin Ellis, to this day, raves about Hagan getting him results when no one else did.

Hats off! to John Hagan for having one very satisfied constituent in all of his eight years in Columbus.

Why would the SCPR support two unknowns, two inexperienced candidates?

Because Cognata and Eddleman have no personal agenda.  The are just solid, everyday citizens who want to join Trustee Schilig in providing unspectacular public service to their fellow citizens.

There you have it.

The SCPR choice for Marlboro:  Cognata and Eddleman.

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MarlboroMan said...

Good insight on Wise. His diabolical plot to discredit Devies and thus close the door of Marlboro PD and open it up for his political buddies at the inferior Sheriff's Office failed miserably. Wise, like his old man is sinister and needs what Marlboro is about to hand him, a cold hard slap in the face. As for the candidates many of us have taken the view "anybody BUT Wise". I do disagree with you though on Hagan, Hagan served Marlboro well in his two terms there and with his contacts as a State Rep. should make him an even better trustee. But again, ANYBODY BUT WISE. Wise is a very unintelligent man and I am surprised he has someone buffaloed like that. He is a hot headed thug.