Sunday, October 11, 2009


They both come from congressional districts that had not elected Democrats for decades before their election.

But that is where the similarity between Ohio's 16th Congressional District John Boccieri and Florida's 8th ends.

Boccieri is a "bob and weaver" type politician who, because he is in a competitive district (following "conventional political wisdom"), feigns that he "hasn't quite made up his mind on many issues (Cap and Trade being a primary example), while the reality is that in the end he is always going to vote the House leadership position.

Grayson, too, will vote the House leadership position, but with him it will be an authentic thing.  He is at the Pelosi position, if not beyond.

He understands that he potentially is putting himself in "political harm's way."  But his attitude is, "let the chips fall where they may." 

For an example of how dogged Grayson is take a look at this YouTube video grilling of Federal Reserve Vice Chair Donald Kohn:

Can you feature John Boccieri boring in like this?

Both Grayson and Boccieri will be NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) targets going into next year's election.  Grayson will get extra attention because is "in your face" to the teabagger types that inhabit the fringes of the Republican Party, national, state and local which establishment Republicans seem intimidated by.

What does Boccieri do with teabaggers?

He goes to their rallies.

On April 15, 2009 there was Congressman Boccieri on the dais with right wing radio talk show host Matt Patrick (WHLO-AM/640 on your radio dial).

What Boccieri did by making this appearance, is to help these fringers gain a scintilla of credibility.  Patrick went on and on and on about the "bi-partisan" nature of the April 15th event, witness the appearance of Democrat Congressman John Boccieri, his repeated ad nauseam dictum.

In one sense of the matter, Boccieri showed some moxie in making the appearance.  He stood his ground (sort of), if that's what you call "let's agree to disagree."  

For some reason, the SCPR believes that had Congressman Grayson faced off with Patrick, it would have been a lot more pointed.  Grayson is much more up to taking on "mobocracy."

John Boccieri is a politician who wants to have it every which way.  He wants the tried and true unionist to go out and tramp the streets for him.  And he wants the corporate CEOs to send in their thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

While the SCPR agrees with many of the positions that Boccieri ultimately takes on issues, the Congressman's disingenuousness is disturbing.

Why is that?

Because it signals that John Boccieri is mostly about the personal fate of John Boccieri.  He has been quoted as having a "let the chips fall where they may."

But who believes that.

There can be no doubt that Alan Grayson is passionate about his position on health care reform and other issues.  When he says "let the chips fall where they may;" those words have a lot more believableness coming out of his mouth.

John Boccieri?

Well, he has to study the issue.

In the end, the SCPR believes that Grayson has a better chance of surviving the political trimming of Democrats that is very likely going to take place in the 2010 off-year congressional elections.

 John Boccieri operates on "conventional political wisdom."

Alan Grayson "follows his heart."

Somehow, voters figure out who is the more genuine article.

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