Sunday, September 7, 2008


"Voters in the 50th District can choose from two outstanding candidates." This quote from today's editorial page of The Rep.


What have these editors been smoking?

The Rep editors (BOE) themselves have proved many times over, especially in recent years, with the likes of Beck, Kaminski and Gauger they lack thoroughgoing analytic ability.

But as we know, everything in life is relative, unless, of course, you are some kind of absolutist religious person.

So, the BOE being mediocre at best think that mediocre at best candidates are outstanding. Go figure!

Yours truly was a party to DeHoff's interview in the spring primary. And, in all due modesty, DeHoff came off as being pathetic in comparison (as the editors impliedly acknowledge in today's editorial).

You substitute Todd Snitichler - does Celeste DeHoff look better. Of course. A change in the caliber of competition dramatically changed the result.

But in the end, these two are symbolic of what ails Stark County and the state of Ohio. Both will be lap dogs for their respective political parties who have nothing new to bring to the table of substance for those of us looking for leadership to bring Stark County and Ohio out of their economic quagmire.

Snitchler makes a big deal of his siamese connection with area chambers of commerce and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. This should be a negative with voters. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce (via its overlapping relationship with the Ohio Republican Party) has been the main economic player in Ohio's economic ride to the bottom tier of states.

It is distressing that Democrat Governor Ted Strickland has bought in to the Ohio Chamber of Commerce as a way out of the economic doldrums for Ohio. This means that Ohio will have to await another governor (or "born again" Ted Strickland) before Ohio straightens out its ecnomy.
What relevance does DeHoff have to the Strickland discussion? She would become a cheerleader for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce approach to economic problem solving. Why so? Because Ted told her so.

So this race is truly a "pick-em" race.

Isn't this a pick your poison race?

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