Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Todd Snitchler (Republican candidate for the Ohio House - 50th) is an attorney.

Yours truly is an attorney.

One thing that is drummed into attorneys while they are yet law students is honing sophisticated deductive reasoning skills.

The campaign brochure (at left) is no where near the reasoning skills one should expect of Attorney Snitchler, but rather is a shameful demonstration of the loosey-goosey operation of a human mind which has to be owned up to by Snitchler - for it is his campaign.

In sending out this literature, Snitchler gives birth to the question: Is this the kind of mind that 50th District Stark Countians want to send to Columbus to work on the overwhelmingly complex issues that face Ohio and derivatively Stark County?

Snitchler's loosey-goosey reasoning goes something like this. Celeste DeHoff is a Democrat. All Democrats favor big government. Big government hurts people. Senior citizens are people. Therefore, Celeste DeHoff, being a Democrat, will necessarily push big government in order to hurt senior citizens.

Snitchler did greet Sarah Palin when she came to Canton. Did he get too close?

Many people excuse this kind of literature as being "just politics." But not the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report).

If Snitchler has specific statements or policies that DeHoff has made or supported that would be harmful to senior citizens, let him provide this information to the voters; that's fair game.

This piece is a one that should cause Snitchler to hang his head in shame.

This analysis is the first in a series that The Report will running to assist voters in seeing through the "bull____" that candidates insult voters with.

Will DeHoff do better with her literature?

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