Thursday, September 18, 2008


Appearing in "Stark County's Premier Magazine" STARK STYLES (September, 2008) are three well known area politicians.

Who are these luminaries? And, is their appearance pure show (or, if you will "style") or is there some substance involved?

They are:

1 - Republican 16th Congressional District candidate J. Kirk Schuring who now serves as state senator for most of Stark County, and

2 - Democrat Stark County Commissioner candidate Tom Harmon,

3- Democrat Tim Swanson (incumbent candidate for Stark County sheriff).

But the circumstances are different.

The Schuring appearance is what "politicos" call "earned media" attention. In a piece entitled Kitchens are the Hub of a Household, describes Schuring picking up on a Wayne County man's discovery that following his wife's death that "tens of thousands of dollars of [her] prescription medications were literally flushed down the toilet."

What did Schuring do to earn Stark Styles' attention? He shepherded legislation through the Ohio General Assembly which allows medicines in the control of a state licensed care provider. a nursing home and the like to recycle these medicines to others when left over on the death or discontinued use by a user. As the article pointed out, "medications from someone's medicine cabinet are not eligible for re-use" under the Schuring sponsored legislation. In the article Schuring is described as "plann[ing] on making a difference with such [i.e. the re-use of qualifying prescription drugs] innovative government programs in Washington ... ."

The Harmon appearance is not "earned media." His was a paid for political ad. A half a page on page 12. But he must think it is very important to appear before voters who read "Stark County's Premier Magazine" STARK STYLES. No substance in his ad, only "Keep Tom Harmon Commissioner."

Sheriff Swanson (article title: The man behind the badge) appears because he is being endorsed over challenger Larry Dordea by Brent Barnhart, Publisher, Managing Editor of Barnhart Publishing the publishing house for STARK STYLES.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) take on the divergent Schuring/Harmon/Swanson appearances is as follows: (1) maybe The Report has been too hard on Schuring over the years as being a politician who is "all show, but little, if any, substance," (2) too charitable on Tom Harmon as being or at least the potential to be more "substance, than show," and (3) will Larry Dordea, in view of the endorsement, have ugly things to say about a stylish (no pun intended) magazine?

Appearing in STARK STYLES, is this good press for Schuring, Harmon and Swanson?

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