Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Is Stark County's Republican-in-Chief, "Timmy" Timken cutting lose of Stark County cash for the McCain/Palin campaign via the Washington-based National Republican Committee.

A touch of irony here?

Area media is reporting that Stark County Republicans paying either $25,000, $10,000 or $2,500 per head, depending on the degree of "up close and personal" contact one wanted with GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin when she appeared at one of Stark County's posh country clubs on Monday (Brookside).

A second irony?

Republican candidate for Stark County Common Pleas Court Jean Madden and Jane Vignos (Republican county commissioner) have to be grimacing on seeing all this money leave Stark County.

Madden is a top Stark County Public Defender and Vignos has been quoted in The Repository as saying that if the commissioners had the money, she has the Public Defenders office as being right behind the Stark County Board of Election for additional county appropriations. At least there are a few Stark County Republicans who give indigents and their constitutional right to be represented a thought.

A third irony?

Guess who works for the Stark County Board of Elections? Of course, main cheerleader for the Palin "send Stark County money to Washington" event - Stark County Republican Party chair Jeff Matthews.

A fourth irony?

A mainstay argument among many of the Republicans running for countywide office is that Stark County commissioners are "runaway" spenders who need to stop their frivolous spending.

A fifth irony?

Another leading figure on the Palin "big-stakes" Stark County fundraising event - Stark County Republican Party treasurer Sarah Brown (Palin's soulmate?). Sarah Brown is married to Judge Charles Brown of the Stark County Court of Common Pleas (who is reported to have been at the Palin event).

How much money did the Browns send to Washington?

Should Charles Brown (former Stark County Republican Party chairman) be heard ever to complain or muse about additional money that the county has to come up with to pay private attorneys because the Stark County Public Defender got cut; wouldn't that be a bit too much?

Isn't there some kind of huge disconnect going on here?

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