Thursday, September 25, 2008


Travis Secrest, running for county commissioner against the appointed Democrat Tom Harmon, continues to impress.

Just look at the issues he lists in the accompanying graphic and click here to go to his website to get the details of his answers.

On the other hand, Harmon is mum in terms of publicly outlining and discussing his plan for Stark County.

Does Harmon have one?

Probably not. And, if he does, he is doing a terrific job of keeping it to himself.

Harmon got the appointment on the basis of inside Democratic politics and his close relationship with the Jackson-Maier wing of the party. He is said to think he owes Stark County Party Johnnie A. Maier, Jr and therefore is quick to check with the chairman and former commissioner Gayle Jackson (and, perhaps, her son Shane who works for Maier) before taking positions on county issues.

If this is so, obviously, this is not good for Stark County.

As these are scary times for the nation, these are scary times for Stark County. The only Stark County commissioner who has shown initiative on turning the Stark County economy around is Todd Bosley.

But one has to wonder whether or not he is more appearance than substance. He has been in office for nearly two years but Stark County has realized little in terms of actual achievement. It could be that Vignos and Harmon are more of a hindrance than a help. By the time he has served a full four year term, there will have to be results.

Stark Countians ought to take a close look at Secrest. Though well short of Harmon's experience and knowhow, he might be an effective partner with Bosley to get Stark County moving again.

Whomever, among Hagan (Republican) and Ferguson (Democrat) wins the other county commissioner race, will not be an asset. At best, the winner will just be there with no "value added" to bring to the office.

Question: Does Travis Secrest deserve a serious look by Stark County voters as an alternative to the veteran politician Tom Harmon?

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