Friday, October 10, 2008


As we all know, the stock market has been plunging for a solid week (down $312.07) as this piece is being written 10/10/2008. Americans, Ohioans and Stark Countians are losing trillions in investments and retirement funds.

A basic function of government is to protect everyday citizens. Fat cats have lobbyists and large campaign contributions made to individual candidates to ensure their being looked after.

The Republican political party has a core of people who have undying faith in "market forces" and eschew and fight any attempt to protect ordinaries from the abuses of market forces (i.e. greed and speculation on Wall Street - for one).

They say the market will correct.

Right here in Stark County probably the most "free market" advocate is Todd Snitchler who is running for the "open" Ohio House seat in the 50th District.

If elected to the Ohio House, he would very likely join the "caveman caucus" that is part of the larger Republican caucus of that body which most reasonable minded people cast a knowing smile towards.

Apparently, he realizes that in the political climate taking hold right now, being a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" (when, of course, people are increasingly without boots) politician just might get you defeated.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) believes he is desperately trying to soften his image.

Responding to a Democratic Legislative Committee (DLC) attack on the harsh consequences of Snitchler's "survival of the fittest" economic policies, he has enlisted the efforts of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce (who else?).

Also, a Susan Testa of Uniontown recently wrote a "letter to the editor" (10/3/2008) to The Hartville decrying the DLC attack that Snichler is a 'big business crony.' Undoubtedly, she was put up to this by Snitchler campaign forces. He clearly needs someone to dress him up with humanity in view of his brutalizing economic approaches.

This is a race that Snitcher ought win going away because it was specifically gerrymandered to ensure that a Republican always hold the seat.

But times are changing rapidly, especially in the last two weeks. As we near November 4th his "harsh on everyday people" economic policies and ideas just may come back and bite him in the rump. It would be a "real kick in the pants" to Republicans if Snitchler were to lose this race. The Report thinks this may, indeed, happen.

Celeste DeHoff, his Democratic opponent, is an incredibly weak candidate. She has a hard time thinking on her feet and is just as controlled by Stark County Democratic Party chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., as Snitchler is by the Neanderthal-esque free market forces and his chamber of commerce friends.

If Ohio (and derivatively, Stark County) is ever to get our economic houses in order and directed toward a better future, it won't be with a Todd Snitchler or Celeste DeHoff.

Voters in the 50th. Do you feel as if you are in a political "Catch 22?"

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