Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If the merits of a candidate mean any thing in terms of new ideas and a fresh approach, then Republican county commissioner candidate Travis Secrest would be a lock to win his race against Democrat "ward-heeler" type candidate Tom Harmon.

Another "ward-heeler" type candidate is Secrest's Republican stable-mate, John Hagan.

Harmon and Hagan are very similar in that they latch on to power broker types and aspire to be political power brokers themselves which leads to them becoming stagnated personages who always play it politically safe to ensure their personal political fortunes at the expense of their constituents.

A source high in local Republican Party circles has told the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) that a Travis Secrest victory at the polls does not seem likely. The Stark County Political Party leadership is much more optimistic about Hagan's chances. But they are skeptical - overall - about his chances to win.


Because in presidential years Stark County Democrats are more energized to vote than are the Republicans. Also, in this election cycle, independent voters are looking for Democrats to vote for; not Republicans.

Question: Is Travis Secrest the breakthrough" young candidate that can bring new thinking and action to the Stark County economy?

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