Monday, October 13, 2008


Republican Kirk Schuring has made "residency" A if not THE key component against John Boccieri in the 16th District Congressional race.

With the roiling economic crises going on in the country, isn't this a bit like the McCain/Palin ticket trying to make Obama into a guy with questionable character?

Are voters listening to Schuring's argument on residency?

Schuring clearly has the advantage on who is more in tune with the 16th District voters in terms of proximity. But in these times is that advantage one that is going to turn previously non-Schuring voters into Schuring voters?

Schuring's campaign is making a major effort on the residency issue.

The question is: Could better use be made of time, effort and expenditure by emphasizing another issue? What issue would it be? What are the issues that Schuring has an advantage over Boccieri?

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