Thursday, October 30, 2008


It seems as if Kirk Schuring has had signs out forever.

So the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) got so used to seeing them that they became invisible.

But? This past week they became visible again.

How's that?

The yellow, that's it.

What do you mean - "the yellow?"

The endorsements stick ons. The Repository, the Akron Beacon Journal and The Massillon Independent. What a stroke of genius! Every campaign should figure out a way to make the "invisible," visible with clout!

So what difference does making the signs visible again have to the outcome of the Boccieri/Schuring race? Anyone who has run for political office knows that the importance of having loads and loads of signs out is way overblown.

That may be, BUT these are highly visible yellow NEWSPAPER STICK ONS with "value added - the endorsements," Newspaper endorsements in yellow, stupid. Don't you get it?

Oh yeah, you just go ask Janet Creighton about newspaper endorsements being a difference maker! All this shows is that this is desperation times for Schuring. Being down in the polls and voters actively looking for Democratic candidates and all.

What do you think. Political genius or desperation?

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