Friday, October 31, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) was out to Canal Fulton (video camera in hand) to take in Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's attempt to "bailout" the Celeste DeHoff campaign.

Strickland needs to have a Democratic controlled Ohio House in the worst way, if he is to deliver on promises made to voters in his 2006 campaign.

Strickland's barriers in helping Celeste DeHoff win Ohio's 50th?

First, the William Faber family of Tuscarawas Township which is part of the 50th and the home of Stark County Democratic Party chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr.. DeHoff is a Tuscarawas Township trustee and she, along with her fellows, terminated Faber on October 26, 2006 because of an incident between Faber and another employee while at work. The Fabers (William is a Local #92 Teamster) have been fighting the dismissal ever since with success in the legal arena. But the DeHoff lead trustees steadfastly refuse to reinstate Faber. Consequently, the Fabers have dogged DeHoff with picket signs at many stops along the campaign trail.

The Fabers are being effective with organized labor at the local level. The Report, who can identify local union members, saw only two at the October 26th rally.

Second, Ohio's 50 District is a gerrymandered district constructed by Republicans to be held only by a Republican.

Even with this being a gerrymandered district, a strong Democratic tide could pull DeHoff into office.

So the question is, will the Fabers cost Celeste DeHoff a seat in the Ohio House, and, by extension, perhaps, the governor an opportunity to have a foothold in the Legislature to aid him in the effort to deliver on campaign promises he made to the voters in 2006?

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