Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In the accompanying video, Union Metal Corporation Facilities Manager, Lee Henderson, speaks as to how American Electric Power's projected 52% (over three years) increase will, at a minimum, cost the company $250,000.

Henderson shares how this increase, if it happens, will affect Union Metal's ability to compete and threaten its ability to keep its 356 jobs in Canton.

Much was made at the recent Public Utilities Commission of Ohio hearing on AEP's request (10/16/2008), of what a good corporate citizen American Electric Power is? Whatever that means in terms of its request for a gigantic increase? Does it mean that if one gives to charity, then its request for more of the public's money should go unchallenged?

The Healy administration, the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce and area economical development people lined up at the hearing to sing the praises of AEP. The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) believes that AEP"s government lobbying group called in "due bills" on the aforementioned entities/personages. And, so what did hearing attendees see. A virtual parade of AEP loyalist.

The surprising thing was that Stark County commissioner candidate and Republican candidate John P. Hagan wasn't there leading cheers a la former Canton mayor Janet Creighton. Hagan as state representative and chair of Public Utilities (Ohio House) paved the way for AEP and other monopolistic behemoths to have their way with the public's money via rate increases.

Healy and Hagan say they are bringing jobs to and keeping jobs in the city and county. But the position on AEP's 52% request belies the rhetoric.

Back to the "good citizen" point. As pointed out by Union Metal's Henderson, Union Metal is also a good corporate citizen. Union Metal does good works just to do good works. Apparently, AEP has ulterior motives.

Undoubtedly, Union Metal was "stung" with the Healy administration lining up with AEP.

Question: Maybe the Healy administration needs to amend its take on AEP's request?

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