Thursday, February 12, 2009


Stark County is indeed a mess.

There are a lot of family fights going on (i.e. the annexation fights).

But is it a zoo?


Stark County is in the midst of a "fits and starts" modality in which the county moves one step forward and two steps backward; then two steps forward and one step backward.

The problem with this "fits and starts" reality is that Stark County is kind of walking in place, at best.

What Stark County lacks is a visionary leader. The best the county currently has is Commissioner Todd Bosley. But our county needs more than one person.

Who could, if they would - first, cleaning up their act in terms of shedding their ties to parochial interests - to step-up-to-the-plate to help Commissioner Bosley.

Here is the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) list of possibilities:

Randy Gonzales
could perhaps be a visionary witness:

* his work-in-progress making 9-1-1 a first-class countywide emergency services unit,

* his overall work in the Stark County Council of Governments [SCOG]

* his work in putting together the Stark County Criminal Justice System (SC-CJIS).

From his overall "what is good for Stark County" perspective he (as Jackson Township fiscal officer) steps back into the world of provincial, parochial interests and actually feeds a mindset counterproductive to his Stark countywide work. By wearing "conflict-in-interest" hats, Gonzales has undermined his ability to be that additional piece to complement Bosley's effort.

Daryl Revoldt of North Canton. Daryl probably is the best government finances and economic development mind in Stark County.

Daryl served has a top aide to former Congressman Ralph Regula. From this perspective, he not only gained a countywide perspective, but also a regional appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of our area.

Little wonder why Bob Taft selected Revoldt to be Regional Director of the Ohio Department of Development office located in Akron.

The Report in particular believes this Revoldt quote to " jumpstart news" (2005) shows that he understands the elements that need to be brought together to make economic development work, to wit:
"What is driving companies to open ... here is a skilled workforce and the lower cost of living," ... "Because of our good transportation grid it's easier for companies to draw employees from several counties, and the lower cost of living in this area means there is less pressure on wages."
With all due respect North Canton, The Report believes Revoldt is a potential countywide asset that is wasting away in North Canton city government (he is county council president).

Perhaps the Stark County commissioners should entertain the idea to appoint one of these as Stark County Economic Development Czar?

Or, do you have somebody else in mind?


Anonymous said...

Daryl Revoldt is the reason all of this is happening right now. It has been his past and present unwillingness to cooperate in good faith with North Canton's neighbors. He had a choice and he blew North Canton's chances once again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

Ah, were it so simple to blame a single person.

The city approached the deal like the business transaction it was.

Before it entered a 99 year agreement with Jackson Township, we thought it prudent to analyze the contract terms (e.g. what would Jackson be obligated to do in return for a 99 year annexation waiver) and the tax sharing formula.

Once we entered the agreement, the city concluded Jackson was not obligated to create a single JEDD or CEDA, although the annexation ban would remain in place.

Moreover, the "make whole" property tax provision and the 50% income tax split would have left the city a substantial net loss. While the model we used was not perfect, we did sample 120 properties, identifying current real estate taxes and and calculating the tax if in North Canton. We estimated the income tax revenues.

I did not participate in the negotiations with Jackson. City officials including two members of council did, as well as outside legal counsel.All concluded the proposal was not good business. Good public relations, but costly to the city.

Jackson was advised and did not offer to correct our assumptions or offer a counter.

Anonymous said...

Daryl Revoldt? The same (Daryl Revoldt) of North Canton that in fact recently passed an ordinance to turn off the water to customers outside of the city that(Daryl Revoldt)? The same (Daryl Revoldt) of North Canton that in fact is leading the planning of several annexations in both Plain and Jackson at this very moment using that very ordinance to turn off peoples water if they don't (Daryl Revoldt)? (Daryle Revoldt) of North Canton that has had discussions to swap water lines with Canton to allow them to use the very same ordinance to tun off people's water to annex the hotels in Plain on top of the hill that (Daryl Revoldt). The same (Daryl Revoldt) of North Canton that was negotiating a co-operative agreement with Jackson and at the same time was planning the very annexation that is in dispute currently, that (Daryl Revoldt).

North Canton financially is having trouble providing safety services to the area's they currently have, they are in talks about privatizing their road services, possibly contracting with the Sheriff for police and have a volunteer fire department that relies on Plain and North Canton and private ambulance services a majority time. So exactly what does North Canton and (Daryl Revoldt)have to offer? Nothing, and they definitely do not have the finances to reimburse the townships for 12 years the property tax loss for annexations done on their own outside of a co-operative agreement.

Jackson and Plain are doing what they are supposed to do, protecting their communities, citizens and their businesses. If North Canton and (Daryl Revoldt)was a little more amenable to co-operation with its neighbors the railroad would have never been annexed in the first place, and now (Daryl Revoldt) will stand to lose even the water sales revenue for the city because of all of this.

The only thing Daryl Revoldt has created in Stark County is creating a true REVOLT, and you say he is the brightest this county has to offer? If you see what he has done to North Canton with it's mismanagement of finances over the years Stark County does not need to dig itself into a deeper hole.

You can do way better than this Report! At least I thought so?

You see to co-operate all parties must co-operate together and not scheme to do the things behind those negotiations that have blown this entire thing up!