Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) presents Wuyanbu Zutali, Democratic candidate for Ward 7 Council in the city of Canton.

Zutai is an expert Chess player going back a number of years. Perhaps, then this contest will turn out to who makes the Chess err political moves. The Report has done a little photo editing to show what a Zutali/Barton Chess err political match might look like.
More seriously, Zutali stopped by The Report's office and made a video about his views of why he is the best man for the 7th Ward. Two years ago Barton bested Zutali in the Democratic primary and went on to defeat incumbent Republican Councilman Richard Hart.

Hart is waiting in the wings (running uncontested in the Republican primary) for a November runoff with either Zutali or Barton.

The Report did invite Barton to a Q&A session, but Barton has chosen not to respond. Apparently, he doesn't think 7th Ward voters are entitled to know his views on important city issues.

To help readers of The Report to get to know Zutali better, The Report is including a link to a website he maintains. You can access the site by CLICKING HERE.

Here is the video of Zutali telling 7th Ward voters why the ought to be voting for him rather than Councilman Barton in the May primary:

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