Thursday, February 19, 2009


Part of the text of an e-mail from Karen Kirsch of Marlboro Township to the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) is as follows:
Latest news is that the sheriff and prosecutor are receiving lots of calls, but the sheriff is now telling people that they "have just received some new documents and so it's going to take a while to process these...."

"some new documents?"

Wasn't this investigation all about computers?

Actually, The Report believes that Trustees Wise and Wolf have made it much more than that.

A source independent of locals who are at the forefront of defending Chief Devies, but close enough to Wise and Wolf to know, tells The Report the two main antagonists are scrambling to save their political hides and are desperately seeking to inject any morsel they can dig up to make their case against Chief Devies.

The Report believes the "adding on" and "delay" undermines any credibility that a investigation report fixing wrongdoing on Devies would have. On the chance that the report comes back showing the no wrong doing, then then Wolf and Wise have "super egg" on their faces.

In any event, The Report believes that this whole scenario is a "lose, lose" for the Wise-Wolf duo come November?

No matter the outcome of the investigation, this question arises.

Have these two trustees have taken Marlboro Township - the bucolic community it is - and thrust it into the world of "cloak and dagger politics" where "witch, err, warlock hunts" are "par for the course?"


Anonymous said...

I don't think this was ever about computers. That was just a smoke screen so they could get the Chief out of the way and go about their agenda. Who would spent so much energy fussing over a few workstations. Forget about the computers, look at the big picture.

Anonymous said...

It seems that everyone but the Sheriff's office can see what's going on, but then again a more likely scenario is that they are all in this with the same seedy goal, that being to get rid of Devies. Think about it. Eliminate the local police, replace with the sheriff department who would receive Marlboro tax money. Wolf and Wise would gain favor with their Stark county political pals and could pretend to be the big poobahs they are not in the real world. A blind man could see this plan.

Anonymous said...

This makes me wonder if Marlboro Township Trustees consulted Tuscarawas Township Trustees for legal advise!!!!!!!!! How to get rid of employees!!!!!!!