Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For years they were in the majority/supermajority as Republican members of the Ohio General Assembly (OGA).

Yes, the two who violate the spirit of term limits (their party instituted as a tool to get into the majority in the first place) are the MAIN political culprits who have brought on this day of massive levey failures (75%) in Stark County, namely; SCOTT OELSLAGER (51st - Ohio House) and KIRK SCHURING (29th Ohio Senate). The now term-limited out (thank the Almighty, friends) Republican John Hagan (formerly the 50th) also bears responsibility.

The Democrats (Boccieri, Healy, Cirelli, and Slesnick) get a pass on this one because as a political minority the Republicans literally froze them out on getting anything done in Ohio's law making halls.

Indeed the "chickens have come home to roost" in Stark. Most of Stark County's school district's are shaky at best. And the majority/supermajority Statehouse Republicans (including our Stark Countians) are responsible.

Oelslager in particular has said many times over his recent times in the Legislature that the OGA had fixed the funding of schools. Well, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) says Oelslager's assertions have a rather "hollow" ring to them on February 4, 2009.

Even though Jackson's levy passed, it is a "get by on the skin of your teeth measure." But Lake's, Northwest's and Minerva's efforts were solidly defeated and in today's economic environment there in no chance that any of them will succeed any time soon.

The Report believes that Schuring was merely toying with and tantalizing the Stark County electorate with his proposal, pre-16th Congressional District race, to begin the process of reforming how Ohio funds public education.

Now that the election is over and Schuring lost, has he come back with his proposal anew? No! And he won't. With the Democrats now controlling the Ohio House, the proposal has no chance at all.

What a thing to do. Play politics with - the future of Stark County kids and concomitantly the financial well-being of Stark County's school districts.

Stark Countians need to be thinking more and more that when the names Oelslager and Schuring appear on a Stark County ballot - to vote for the other person.

Now the ball is in the Democrats court because they control the Ohio House and the governorship (remember Strickland: [paraphrased] "I will have failed as governor, if I do not get the funding of public education fixed").

From a local perspective the glare of the spotlight will be on Okey (61st), Shiavoni (33rd).

Now it's their turn to be politically accountable.

Will they succeed where Hagan, Oelslager and Schuring have failed?


Anonymous said...

Is anyone really stunned that Oelsager or Schuring have done nothing to fix school funding? Schuring only pulls his formula to fix it out at election time and puts it away after the election. Oelslager has always said they fixed it. Kind of reminds us all of what they are doing about SB 221 Also.

Anonymous said...

This isn't only their problem. Didn't Strickland run on the issue and say he would fix it? What has he done in the little over 2 years he has been in office?

Regardless of Republican or Democrat - it just shows you Ohio is failing because we keep electing the same people in different offices. Strickland did nothing when he was Represented his district as Schuring and Oelslager do nothing. Ohio is headed for disaster but Obama is still saying he will give things to you for free!!! Democrats and the two elected Republicans here in Stark County are idiots! Why do you think Schuring isn't in Congress and Oelslager isn't good enough outside of Stark County?

Anonymous said...

Somebody in Columbus needs to grow a spine!

I have been waiting for Strickland to release his campaign promise and propose major reform in our schools.

Instead, we get his proposal released in the state of the state. Instead of our state funding system being 50% unconstitutional, it will only be 45% unconstitutional.

We need somebody to grow a spine and put together a plan that makes sense.

A Resident of Zero Toleranceville said...

The way I see it is at least Shuring has tried to do something about the problem. Even though he failed, he at least attempted reform. That's more than can be said about the rest of the gang in Columbus.

I disagree that Healy et al should get a pass because they were not in the majority. They were still elected to do a job and lack of effort does not impress me. As the minority, they still had an obligation to try to bring about reform.

Strickland has had two years to enact his campaign promises. Well? I have to admit I liked what he said about making the teachers work 20 extra days... though with that kind of attitude I think it is a safe bet that the teacher unions will be doing whatever they can to get this guy out of office when he is up for re-election. For this reason alone, I kind of like Strickland!