Sunday, February 22, 2009


On Friday past, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) alerted readers to the imminent meeting that was about to take place at Mayor Healy's request with "the powers that be" at The Repository.

Clearly, this meeting was designed by Healy to finesse "Canton Reps" executive editor and derivatively the whole machinery of The Repository into being Healy's "set up man."

According to Wikipedia: "Setup pitchers, unlike closers, commonly appear in games where their team is tied or even behind ... "

Mayor Healy is looking to "close out" this game ahead. Right now, in the opinion of The Report, Healy is behind. And he is using The Rep to keep the wolves at bay while he scrambles to get ahead of this story.

Why would The Repository become Healy's ally in this fight for his political life. That is not "the only newspaper's - in town - " role. All of us who know Jamey Healy are empathetic with him. What a horrible spot to be in. But if he is in a problem, he has no one to blame but himself.

The job of an effective media is to set its own agenda of when, where and under what circumstances and ground rules to question. Not the subject himself.

What The Repository failed to do - or if it did and just is not sharing with the general public, is ask Healy about the e-mails and/or text messages that reportedly exist and are supposedly in Sheriff Swanson's possession which are said to have emanated from Healy himself to the 16 year old who is the subject matter of allegations that Healy had an inappropriate relationship with.

What The Rep has done is let Healy set the table. Can't blame Healy for trying. Apparently, he has succeeded.

The Report hopes that it is shown that none of these reports about a Healy "inappropriate relationship" are not true. Healy is correct (see "Healy hires lawyer to find who sent 'sordid' letters," The Rep on 2/22/2009) these accusations "have distracted him from important city business."

But to get to point of a final determination, all the documentary matter (electronic included) needs to be dealt with.

Healy talks very freely about the outrageous anonymous letters, as well he should. How about the other side of things, mayor?

Is Healy prepared to say that no e-mails and/or text messages between him and the 16 year old exist?

As matters stand, we don't know whether or not any such electronic communications exist?


Because The Repository has failed Stark County once again in its questioning/investigatory role. And because Mayor Healy hasn't volunteered the information.

Why doesn't the mayor (who yours truly knows well) call The Report?

Readers of The Report know that talking to yours truly is not likely to be a conversation Healy would relish.

In the end The Report says that Jeff Gauger is both a "set up man" and a "screw up man" for The Rep's handling of the "private" interview with a "public" figure on issues of huge public importance.

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We will never hear the full story in regard to this matter. We will get the "spin", the "party line".

And the Repository continues down it's slippery slope ......