Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Will the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) cover ward races in the city of Canton. Of course. Candidates who wish to get their points-of-view out to the voters (ward or council-at-large) contact The Report at tramols@att.net or 330-699-5002.

Today, The Report feature Frank Morris who is running against the venerable Joe Carbenia.

Party officials (Democratic and Republican, but especially Republicans) do not like party primary fights. Plus in the city of Canton there aren't enough Republicans to have a contest.

But no so with Canton's Democrats. Look at the council-at-large field. Ten candidates for one seat.

One seat, aren't there three?

Yes, but does anyone really think Smuckler and Cirelli are going to lose?

Back to the 9th and Frank Morris versus organized labor friend Joe Carbenia (a long time member of and official of the Canton fire fighters union).What else does Morris have to say about Carbenia and his fellows on Canton City Council. Here is his statement to The Report:
Their attitude of business as usual needs to stop because it is not business as usual. this country is in serious trouble and local government needs to tighten their belts like so many of us.

There is no honesty in city government either, council raise the parking meters fee and increased ticket prices to " Increase the amount of shoppers in downtown" what are we stupid!!!

RedFlex is for our safety not revenue, but the first two minutes of the presentation showed a traffic accident that was caught on tape???
Guess the system does prevent accidents does it.

City council can no longer operate as they have in the past, it's time to think outside of the box.

Mr. Carbenia is not letting the voice of ward 9 be heard in council, he has become business as usual.
To find out more about Morris here is a link (CLICK HERE) to his website.

Is Morris a threat to defeat Carbenia?

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