Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is the second in a series on the upcoming Canton City Council-at-Large race which may boil down to who among six Democratic candidates (no Republicans filed) will succeed Councilman Don Casar who has decided not to run for another term.

The Report expects incumbents Bill Smuckler and Mary Cirelli to be elected with ease.

By the way, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) invites all candidates to contact The Report at with information or issue positions with respect to individual candidacies.

Recently, Cynthia Vignos e-mailed The Report with her latest statement on the campaign.

It appears to The Report that Vignos does not concede that Smuckler and Cirelli are shoe-ins.

In her statement, she launches an attack on sitting councilpersons, to wit: (excerpted quotes)

The general concensus (sis) of opinion [in Vignos' talks with voters]that corruption is rampant in our local government.

Why do we continue to elect the same people over and over again, whilethe quality of life in our city continues to deteriorate?

Why are public jobs given to friends and relatives of government officials, when there are so many qualified individuals looking forwork right now?
Vignos then get more specfic, zeroing in on Councilman at Large Smuckler:
Why are members of council and other committees permitted to participate in projects that are ethically questionable? For example –a member of City Council and the annexation committee who was involved in the Park Foods annexation has admitted publicly that his hotel and restaurant supply company is a major customer of Park Farms.

Consequently - he should have abstained from the project, due to the obvious conflict of interest. Additionally, the annexation process for his own business (which is less than ½ mile from Park Farms) has not been implemented until recently, although he has served on council for 20 years. Why would an elected official in Canton continue to operatea business just outside the city limits without applying for
annexation, when he could have been contributing much-needed tax-revenue to the city he has sworn to serve?
Next Vignos takes a shot a Council in general in alleging that it is as a body being too secretive, to wit:
Why are the committee meetings that take place prior to City Council meetings held in a small venue that discourages public attendance? Why are no written minutes or audio and/or video recorded minutes taken for these meetings? Judicial doctrine attests that “democracy abhors undue secrecy” yet the citizens of Canton are excluded from deliberations that should be open to the public, a practice that clearly violates the Ohio Sunshine Laws.
Then seems to align her candidacy with the Healy administration:
Why are the campaign contributions to one person (William J Healy II) under such public scrutiny, yet the contributions given to his opponent (Janet Creighton) and those of other candidates and/orelected officials are not being given equal examination?
Finally, Vignos bills herself as the candidate of change from "the good old boys" network.

Any reaction to the Vignos charges?

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