Thursday, April 23, 2009


Council president Alan Schulman and veteran Canton City Council members Smuckler, Cirelli and Hawk have made a "list of honor" - the Nixon err Healy "enemies list."

When Healy fired close Schulman confidant Thomas Bernabei (service director and chief of staff) while Schulman was out-of-town (at the Obama inauguration), Mayor William "I have nothing to lose" Healy, II fired the first "public" shot at certain members of council.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) says "public" shot because warefare was well underway between Healy and Council prior to the Bernabei firing. In fact, Bernabei, in a very diplomatic and modest way, told The Report that he was the main reason that Healy had any kind of working relationship with Council.

For Bernabei to be such a "success or fail" figure for the Healy Administration agenda was intolerable to the narcissistic Healy and therefore the former stalwart of Council had to go. Healy's snub of Allen Schulman was about a dumb a political move that yours truly has ever seen in Canton/Stark County politics.

It was not long until Schulman went public in his fight with Healy.

Of course Healy and Smuckler have probably never gotten along. They ran against each other for the right to take on Republican Janet Creighton in 2003 with Smuckler winning. Since then there has been one fight after after another.

Mary Cirelli. Well, Healy ran her out of the Ohio House (a Democrat safe seat) by taking her out in a Democratic primary in 2004. Is there any doubt that Cirelli is on Healy's enemies list.

Greg Hawk. Why is he on the list. Well, it couldn't be said better than by one of Healy's staunchest political supporters in an e-mail to The Report, to wit:

Something is up with Schulman and Hawk.

In early 2008 Hawk came to my home for my signature to become a Central Committee person. When he was here he said he had his first meeting on finances with Mayor Healy and thought the meeting was great and he really liked the Mayor now that he got to sit down and talk with him. Last fall Hawk started jumping on the Mayor for everything you can imagine.

He has been neglecting his ward duties. He has not attended the Neighborhood Assoc meetings in the neighbor HE lives in for 5 months.

I believe Schulman want (sic} to be Mayor and is trying to run off Jamey.

Things are getting really out of control in Canton.
The battle lines are drawn in Canton and the Ethics Ordinance is Healy's "Pickett's Charge."

Will this Healy gambil prove to be undoing of William J. Healy, II as mayor of Canton?

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