Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A quote from "Tax Day Tea Party - Canton, OH" organizer Jason Wise: "Ok...I hate to tell you guys but this is on City property and I'm getting non-stop emails and phone calls about this issue and people are now canceling on me."

This quote is in response to some posters on "the Wall" on the organizing group's Facebook page who were suggesting that perhaps Concealed Carry Weapons were in order for the Canton event to be held Wednesday at Central Plaza which is located immediately in front of the Stark County Courthouse (which houses the general division Common Pleas Courts) and in front of the Stark County Office Building which is home to many countywide departments of government.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) has previously written about this event as being a test case as to whether on not the Stark Republican Party will be fielding a significant candidate against Democratic Commissioner Todd Bosley in November, 2010.

Officially, this is being billed as a national event. But The Report believes that the event is being turned to an "anti-Bosley/imposed sales-use tax day."

Supposedly, Bosley is to debate Jason Wise on WHBC's (14180 on your AM dial out of Canton) "Points to Ponder" show (Ron Ponder, host). There may also be a radio event on WHLO (640 on your AM dial out of Akron - "a Religious right" radio station) featuring Bosley and Wise.

The Report understands that Ron Ponder (who The Report understands acknowledges he is close to the Stark Republican Party) is predicting that Jason Wise himself contemplates being Bosley's opponent in 2010.

Stark Republicans may want to rethink this one. The Report has been told that Wise carries a lot of political baggage some of which was revealed in a Repository report in coverage of Wise's failed campaign against Democrat Nancy Reinbold for Stark County clerk of courts.

All Wise and the Republicans have to do is to ask Richard Regula (an incumbent Republican commissioner that Bosley defeated in November, 2006) what kind of campaign Bosley runs.

Let's just say that "the gloves definitely come off."

The Report believes that Stark organized Republicans hate and fear Bosley above any other Stark Democrat.

All in all tomorrow could be an interesting Stark County political event.


dr. john said...

I happen to know Mr. Wise and I just spoke with him. He has no ambition to run again in Stark County, and you can quote me on that. He enjoys his free time and his volunteering opportunities with ystark! and the Perry History Club. Please don't bash Mr. Wise unless you talk to him. He's not the one who has to try and run this county. Try bashing the elected officials. They are the reason this county is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you go from hearing that Travis Secrest if running for Commissioner to Jason Wise running for Commissioner. If you talk to Travis or Jason, you will find out the real answer.

Good blog by the way about Massillon. I hope someone starts shaking up City Hall!!! Even if it is within the Mayors own party.

M. Lowden said...

Marty, that is the funniest thing you've ever written. From what I read, he's just making sure everyone knows the rules if they choose to carry. Besides, this isn't about the 2nd Amendment, so why does it matter. Plus, why is Bosley worried about this guy. He's just the organizer of the local event. If he's worried, then he should call the sponsors of the event, i.e. "Smart Girl Politics," "The Don'tGo Movement," "American Solutions," and "tcot (Top Conservatives on Twitter)." From what I've seen, on the website, they are the organizers of the events nationwide and I seriously doubt they decided to have over 1,000 of these tea parties to attack Bosley. C'mon, Bosley needs to be a man and realize there is a silent majority out there and it's their time in history to speak up.

SexCpotatoes said...

Hey Tax Day Tea Parties, your "grassroots movement" can't have corporate sponsorshipAhahahahahahaah, silent majority. Needs more silence, after all, you've only been oppressed for 80 days or so....