Thursday, April 16, 2009


What a difference a legislator makes?

In the piece immediately preceding this one, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) plays an audio for readers in which Canton Tax Day, Tea Day event master of ceremonies (Matt Patrick of WHLO-AM/640) is obviously impressed that Boccieri, at his own initiative, appeared before a hostile crowd (Patrick's words; not The Report's) and handled the adversity very well indeed.

As one must be impressed with Boccieri, one should be totally unimpressed with Todd Snitchler (Republican - Lake) who was among friends.

Rather that be thoughtful and measured, Snitchler got caught up in the hysteria that was rampant at the event and made what appears to be an absurd statement that Ohio ought not accept the $9 Billion in federal stimulus money.

In fact, Snitchler got inflammatory by terming the money as being "bailout" money in an apparent attempt to whip this highly Republican supportive crowd into a frenzy. And, the suggestion is highly disingenuous. Snitchler knows that a rejection/return of the money is not about to happen. So it's safe to demagogue as Snitchler was doing.

Before this little ditty, The Report was beginning to think that maybe Snitchler was not a "red meat," simplistic solution type of politician. Now, The Report doesn't know what to think.

Perhaps he is, after all?

For now The Report is going to chalk this one down as Snitchler having a bad day. One wouldn't expect him to be the equal of John Boccieri because Boccieri has quite a few years under his belt as a public official. But The Report believes that Snitchler can do better than he did yesterday and will do better in the future when he reflects on how utterly partisan and reactionary he appeared to those us looking on from the sideline.

In all, Snitcher was on camera for about 5 to 6 minutes. The Report will be presenting follow up segments over ensuing days. And, unfortunately, the Sntichler performance does not get any better.

It never does when one get caught up in the hyper-emotion of a crowd. Hopefully, Snitchler has learned a lesson.

Here is the "reject the stimulus" portion of the video. Judge for yourself.

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