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UPDATE: April 21, 2009 at 7:00 AM - No mention was made by Mayor Healy of the Resnick predicted action on favorable LGBT legislation in his State of the City address.

Back on March 20, 2009 the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) did a piece on campaign contributions to the TeamHealy Committee by out-of-town contributors.

A highly puzzling piece had to do with one Tony Dane of Las Vegas, Nevada who contributed $15,070.00 to William J. Healy, II's run for mayor of Canton.

CLICK HERE to see the referred to piece for detailed background information.

In short, this contributor was puzzling to The Report because how utterly anti-gay Tony Dane is known to be in Las Vegas political circles. The Report has never fancied Healy as being anti-gay. In fact, one of his key supporters is openly gay.

That supporter has supplied the missing link between Dane and Healy.

What is it?

Go figure!

Healy and Dane went to the New York University Stern School of Business together, for heaven's sake. Yours truly should have known!

Apparently the Healy supporter referred to (Eric Resnick - who writes for the GAY PEOPLE'S Chronicle.com), was distressed that Healy had received money from a LGBTAC basher and must have gone to the Mayor with his concerns.

Resnick in his email to The Report promised to provide a "hot tip" once he knew a telephone number contact. The Report was immediately wary of the promised tip.


Because the tip could easily have been included in the email. Why the need for telephone contact?

The Report believes that something else was up. Whatever something else was, if it was anything, never materialized.because telephone contact was never established.

Yours truly thinks that the "hot tip" was going to be Healy's ethics ordinance proposal that The Repository reported on and which The Report commented on.

The Report suspects that Resnick was acting as an emissary from the Healy administration as a Healy-esque manipulation in an attempt to blunt The Report's propensity to be highly critical of the imperious and ethically challenged ways of the Mayor.

While The Report appreciates getting tips, yours truly has been around the political block a time or two and is onto such attempts.

If Mayor Healy would only sit down with the SCPR and provide chapter and verse on his campaign contributions, perhaps yours truly would be less suspicious of matters emanating from the Healy camp. But Healy does not have the stomach to face The Report when he has the soft touches on The Repository Editorial Board to finnesse.

The Report does thank all of you readers who have provided significant and timely tips. For those of you who have important inside political/governmental info to share, you can reach The Report at (330) 699-5002 or at tramols@att.net.

Back to Healy and Resnick.

Interesting information that Resnick provided in his email is the following (an excerpt from his email):
The Healy administration has lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender support, and a gay cabinet member. There will be, as time goes on, some administration-led legislation very favorable to LGBT Cantonians. I doubt that contributions from Tony Dane will inoculate the mayor from local nut ball gay haters when that time comes.
So the next question is?

When will the "administration-led legislation very favorable to LGBT Cantonians" be forthcoming and, picking up on Resnick's point: will there be any political fallout for Healy if and when he makes to legislative move forcast by Resnick?

And, of course, exactly what will be the specific subject matter of the Resnick predicted legislation?

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