Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Recently a reader of the SCPR wrote yours truly with a very good idea.

Why not evaluate newly elected Congressman John Boccieri after 200 days?

The SCPR will go one better. Every week the SCPR will endeavor to have at least one evaluative piece on the congressman.

Boccieri is a member of the House on Agriculture Committee and the House on Transportation and Infrastructure.

So far he has introduced four bills. Below the SCPR has created a graphic of a summary of the bill and where it stands in terms of ultimate passage. What constituents have to determine whether or not is correct in its assessments that Boccieri is a leader or a follower.

The SCPR says it is too early to tell on Boccieri. Only 200 plus days in congress is not nearly enough time to do a meaningful assessment.

One congressional tracking site categorizes congressmen as being very successful at getting bills enacted whereas others sponsor/introduce bills that never get enacted. The SCPR will be providing progress reports on each and every bill Boccieri sponsors. He will be accountable for results.

Here are his first four bills and their current status:

Boccieri's offerings of H.R. 1545 (research dollars for domestic production) and H.R. 3093 (making loans available to medium and small business) seem to be bills that have some potential to help 16th district manufacturers and are in line working toward one of his legislative objectives of improving the local and national economy.

But will he produce on these and future legislative initiatives?

Time will tell and the SCPR will be here to track his record.

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