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UPDATE: 08/06/2009 at 5:35 A.M.


I hope that all of those who crowded the Marlboro township hall in support of Chief Devies will remind their friends and fellow voters of the smarmy tactics employed by Tim Wise during his tenure as trustee. We can only guess at his reason for wanting a key to the police department! Really, would anyone with a brain want this guy to have access to sensitive information! What possible reason would there be for him to have access to it? Considering what this guy has already cost the township, not just in dollars, but in disruption, I would hope that this latest irrational request is nipped in the bud! It is a known fact that abused women, children and even animals return to their abuser just because they think any attention is better than NO attention. This must surely be the reason Tim Wise has had the audacity to file as a candidate for trustee. I guess he revels in attention, even when it is negative. What a pathetic creature! Marlboro has indicated, very strongly that we like and respect our police chief. I personally do not have a shred of respect for Tim Wise who in my opinion has proven himself unworthy of holding any public office.


Trustee Tim Wise (Marlboro Township) repeatedly says there is nothing "personal" about his bird dogging of Police Chief Ron Devies. Wise says he is just doing his job as a public official.

The SCPR for one does not believe Wise's protestations.

It as if Wise thinks that "mere assertion" is good enough to convince bystanders. But they are not. Many if not most people stand by the adage "actions speak louder than words."

The SCPR is of the opinion that Wise actions bespeak a man who is on a crusade. In other articles readers and search out from the search box on this blog (using various terms such as "Devies," "Wise," Wolf," Marlboro and the like), there are a number of descriptions of actions taken by Wise (and fellow trustee, Dave Wolf - in some but not all instances) which indicate to a reasonable person that Wise's real goal before leaving office is to excise Ron Deives as police chief in Marlboro Township

And even though Wise has filed to run for a second term, it's hard to believe that he believes he can win in Marlboro given all the political turmoil that he and Wolf have generated in this bucolic community.

The last time the SCPR blogged on the Marlboro saga, Wise was after Devies to get competitive bids on a Marlboro police vehicle; an obvious comeuppance on Devies' point that the trustees had not gotten competitive bids before replacing Kyle Devies with Compu-Tek to take care of township computers.

The latest Wise initiative on Devies is to insist that Devies provide him (and presumably all the trustees) with a master key to the Marlboro police facilities.

Devies tells the SCPR that he has heard through a highly credible third party that Wise believes Devies should be fired unless he turns over the master key.

Devies' response to the Wise demand is for Wise to convince his fellow trustees to pass a resolution requiring that he (Devies) provide the key. Devies says he has no choice by to comply, if the trustees so act.

Devies tells the SCPR that Trustee Schilig does not want a key and has publicly stated that it has been the longstanding Marlboro Board of Trustees policy that no trustee have a key. It appears that Trustee Wolf will be the deciding factor, if a resolution is made and seconded.

If the trustees were to get a master key, then they would (according to Devies) have access to locations where evidence gathered in ongoing investigations is housed on a "temporary" basis and would have access to other information that - while not in the "investigatory evidence" category would include information that is not available to the general public.

Many who have followed the Marlboro trustee/Devies saga are highly suspicious that the "apparent" Trustee Wise reason for wanting this or that action from Chief Devies is not the "real" reason.

There is a feeling among some of Wise's critics that he is beginning to square up with the political reality that he is very unlikely to be re-elected. Devies is confident that Wise will not be re-elected.

Could it be that Wise's final mission is to bring down the chief on his way out the door?

On a more positive note, Chief Devies says that he has had no difficulty whatsoever with Trustee Wolf since he was re-instated.

Wouldn't be a fitting end to Trustee Wise's apparent end as a Marlboro trustee come November that he take a page out of Dave Wolf's book?

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