Friday, August 14, 2009


Although the Boccieri people are trying to "spin" that the congressman is out in the district (the 16th which includes Stark) discussing health care; that's exactly what it is: spin. (Residents letting Boccieri know their health care insurance stance, The Repository, Edd Pritchard, August 13, 2009)

In the Pritchard piece, Boccieri says he hasn't read the prime legislation H.R. 3200. Isn't that "convenient?" Can't comment on what you haven't read or, for that matter, answer constituents questions on the bill.

Readers of Residents letting Boccieri know ,,, are given the impression from a listing of many "photo op-esque" appearances by Boccieri in the 16th that he is responding to questions.

But the truth of this matter is that Boccieri is avoiding the health care issue.

He is trying to hide from the public on this issue, plain and simple.

Town Hall meeting?

Not on your life!

Boccieri is not stupid.

He sees the muggings from the far right Sarah Palin/Newt Gingerich/Russ Limbaugh lunatic fringe (for the most part) that congressmen and senators have been taking. He is not about to go there and do that. He'd rather fly in and out of Baghdad.

So 16th districters who think John Boccieri is going to hold a town hall meeting can forget it. No way Jose!

When first elected and making appearance in the district, Boccieri naively thought he could manage the tough questions. Oh yes, he answered them and built an "on camera" record witness his "flip-flop" on cap-and-trade caught by the SCPR, but he is not about to repeat the mistake, so help him God.

He is now becoming the "bob and weave" congressman.

Boccieri persists in feigning that he is his own man. But it's not working. More and more folks in the 16th (including the SCPR) believe - that end of the day - he will vote the Pelosi/Obama way.

And that's okay.

He just should own up to where is really is and quit trying to fool his constituents into believing he is independently arriving at his own take on the administration's "crown jewel" pieces of legislation.

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Good piece!

This is exactly what he is doing, once again. He's not "discussing", he's "spinning". If you haven't read the legislation, how can you honestly and openly "discuss" it?

Once again, John shows he has NO BALLS.

You used "bob & weave" and a descriptor ...... in the military they used to used the phrase, "duck & cover" ..... which is also what he is doing. Duck the issue and the people and run for cover. He's doing both, time and time again.

Stark Observations

PS : And don't get me started on his INABILITY to respond to the most simple, direct questions!!