Thursday, August 13, 2009


How surprising? Heh?

The SCPR would be more sympathetic had Sntichler stepped forward in - let's say a "letter to the editor" in his pre-state-rep days and decried when the majority, supermajority Republicans did the very same thing to Democrats.

But he didn't.

Moreover, the SCPR (Stark County Political Report/The Report) suspects that Snitchler is only expects non--partisanship when he is faced with a situation like his HB 77.

Here is what the Snitchler sponsored HB 77 purports to do.
Seems benign (non-partisan) enough, right?

Snitchler's complaint:
The SCPR joins Snitchler (being the convert he is when his ox is being gored) and decries what the Dems are doing on this "no-brainer" bill.

But the SCPR suspects that Snitchler's bi-partisanship is skin-deep at best.

Here are a couple of his resolutions:

Both of these are efforts by the Republican caucus of the Ohio House to advance a Republican Party position.

So what?

Yours truly agrees, but to rap the Democrats for being partisan is a bit much when one considers the resolutions and things like Snitchler being a prime speaker at Tax Day - Tea Day, April 15, 2009 which in the view of the SCPR was nothing but a National Republican Party program picked up by the Stark County Republican Party.

Snitchler can be partisan. But the SCPR won't allow him the assume the persona of bi/non partisanship in the face of his consistently demonstrated partisanship.

Back to the legislative thing.

Apparently, Snitchler hasn't learned that "what goes around, comes around."

But it doesn't have to be that way. Here is a link to a column in a Seattle, Washington blog that gives the Washington state legislature high marks on bi-partisanship.

Could Todd Snitchler be interested being a leading force in bring a "for the citizens" approach to the Ohio General Assembly?

Maybe so and perhaps, as a first step, Representative Snitchler wants to take the SCPR pledge? Here it is:

"I, Todd Snitchler, a Republican legislator in the Ohio General Assembly, pledge that should the Republicans regain control of the Ohio House in the elections of 2010 for the 129th Ohio General Assembly (2011-2012), I will publicly and vigorously oppose any and all efforts by the House Republican leadership to stop Democratic sponsored legislation when it is apparent that the primary reason is that the proposed legislation is advanced by a Democrat."

If Snitchler takes the pledge, then the SCPR and Stark Countians can take his protest seriously.

Otherwise, he just like any other "double standard" politician.

How about it Todd?

Copy the pledge, put it in an e-mail addressed to and under it say: "I make this pledge" and send it off!

The SCPR anxiously waits.

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