Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, Stark County citizen Jeff Jakimedes made a telephone call to the Stark County Political Report saying, in essence (hear the actual recording of the voice mail left with the SCPR which is set up below in this blog) that Stark County Commissioner lied recently on WHBC's Ron Ponder show (Points to Ponder) about the condition of Stark's 9-1-1 system.

Now, Jeff is not just any citizen. From Alliance, Jeff is a well-known and very capable criminal trial attorney who the SCPR witnessed first-hand in action along with former judge and now practicing attorney Richard Reinbold in the recent trial of Marlboro police chief Ron Devies and his son (charged with fourth degree felonies), convince Stark County Court of Common Pleas trial judge Lee Sinclair to "dismiss" the charges after the prosecutors had put on their case. No defense needed to be put on. Talk about a "slam-dunk" for the defense!

Back to 9-1-1.

Here is the Jakmides' call to the SCPR alerting yours truly to Bosley's statement:

What was Jeff Jakmides reacting to?

Here is the audio Jakmides was referring to and of copy of which he provided to the SCPR (Bosley answering a question on Ron Ponder's "Points to Ponder)

So, who is right? Bosley or Jakmides?

Of course, yours truly has an opinion. But the most important opinion to Bosley and Jakmides is, most likely, yours.

How can you decide?

Well, the SCPR has gone through the GeoComm Incorporated report commissioned by the Stark County commissioners and picked out 14 selections from the report that appear to The Report to provide the information needed to evaluate the Jakmides and Bosley positions.

Here is that presentation:

One more thing that some may find relevant to this discussion.

Commissioner Bosley provided a 9-1-1 audio tape of an incident that occurred in Stark County that is absolutely spellbinding. It happened in late 2003 to early 2004.

But the question is this. Obviously, this tape is anecdotal; however, the question is this: is it indicative of huge problems with Stark's 9-1-1 or is it just an unfortunate but rare incident?

To answer this question, some might want mull over the full report done by GeoComm.

To read the entire report CLICK HERE.

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