Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The SCPR has learned through a law enforcement source that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has shown up at the Stark County Office Building a couple of days this week to question Stark County commissioner Pete Ferguson (elected in November, 2008).


The source does not know.

There is no indication that Ferguson has done anything wrong.

The conjecture is that the questioning has something to do with the Vince Frustaci investigation that Mary Taylor of Ohio auditor's office requested when Frustaci was fired as chief deputy by Stark County treasurer Gary Zeigler on April 1st amid allegations by Zeigler that he suspected Frustaci had stolen money from the county treasury.

Ferguson is said to have known Frustaci for a long time.

If the questioning is related to the Frustaci matter, it gives credence to those who do not think that indictments will be coming down any time soon.

As an aside, it is interesting to note that The Repository recently did a story (County finds that seeking bond for treasurer amid probe to be problematical, July 17)to the effect that Treasurer Zeigler may not be able to be sworn-in for his new term as county treasurer because of difficulties in securing a $1 million bond set by the county commmissioners.

If Frustaci gets charged with taking the county money, it is interesting to note that he was covered by a $500,000 bond. The allegations are that $2 to 3 million is missing from the treasurer's office.

These, indeed, are troubling times for Stark County government.

The SCPR believes this is the price citizens pay when they vote in "one-party-rule."

Only Democrats serve in countywide office (except for judicial office).

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