Thursday, July 30, 2009


When Congressman John Boccieri (D-Alliance) first graced the halls of the U.S. House of Representatives, one of his first feedbacks to 16th district constituents was to complain how Republicans voted on a particular measure in lock-step.

The implication was that Boccieri would not follow the Republican model but rather be his own man in Congress.

But is he?

Remember, how he was "against" cap-and-trade (looking Obama in the eye and telling him so) before he was "for" cap-and-trade," '

Now the congressman seems to be evaluating the Obama administration proposal on health care reform.

But is he?

The SCPR suspects that John Boccieri is not who he pretends to be in the political sphere of his existence.

Boccieri wants us to think he is a "for the people," and a "I chart my own course" congressman.

But is he?

The SCPR doesn't much like Congrssman John Boehner (Republican - Ohio) who is the Republican leader is Congress. But he does make an important point that might be right on target when it comes to Congressman John Boccieri:
" ... Democratic leaders break arms to rush through [cap-and-trade and now] ... health care"
Politicians will be politicians and leaders on both sides of the aisle do arm twist. Probably the best ever was Lyndon Baines Johnson when he was Senate majority leader.

The question 16th district voters should be asking themselves over the next 15 months is this.

Is Congressman John Boccieri just posturing, manipulating politician like so many others or is he the real deal?

He is the real deal when it comes to his service to this country as a C-130 pilot flying in and out of Baghdad as a major in the USAF reserve.

But is he as a politician?

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