Monday, July 6, 2009


The Stark Development Board, Incorporated ("SDB) - a non-profit corporation) has been open for business since May 13, 1985.

Now that Stark County is mired in the economic doldrums (probably more exaggerated than most of the rest of the country), the SCPR thinks it is time to do an in depth examination of entities like the SDB and learn whether or not they are difference makers.

With Canton at about 12% unemployment and the whole of Stark at about 11%, what are the economic and financial movers and shakers doing to shake Stark County out if its economic malaise at the very least or, perhaps, a sharp downturn.

In short, what is the "net effect" of the likes of the SDB.

In an off-hand way area government leaders say good things about the SDB. Asked about specifics, they seem to be devoid of concrete achievements.

Are these political leaders just being politically correct? The trustees Do the numbers tell a different stories?

The SCPR embarks on this series to get to the "heart of the matter." No political correctness here. Cutting right to the chase will be the SCPR's approach.

The trustees that ataff the pinnacle leadership of the SDB are among Stark's heavy hitters, to wit:
These trustees are used to holding others accountable. It is now time for everyday Stark Countians to hold them accountable.

Such will be the mission of the Stark County Political Report in ensuing days, weeks and months.

But the SDB will not be the only accountability target of the SCPR. The list will include every entity and person that has an impact or say in what happens with Stark County's economy.

These are critical times for Stark County and it is time to find out how Stark's movers and shakers are performing.

You can depend on the SCPR to dig deep for answers.

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