Friday, July 24, 2009


In Marlboro Trustees Meet in Regular Session (July 17), Karen Humphries of the Hartville News reports:
... Dave Wolf stated that he "personally" feels that the issue regarding reimbursement of Ron and Kyle Devies for legal fees ... is "behind us."
Well, the SCPR is not so sure about Wolf's "personal" feeling.

Yours truly spoke with Ron Devies a few days ago and he says that still expects to be reimbursed for legal and medical expenses. However, the thinking now is that these matters are better left to a new board of trustees. Devies seems to be confident that a new board will treat him and Kyle fairly which, if fairness prevails, could obviate the need for litigation.

Devies believes that Wolf will not be running again and that Wise will be soundly defeated if he actually files to run.

Devies says that things have settled down in the township except for a needling irritation or two from at the hand of Trustee Wise.

Devies cited the example of his taking a police vehicle that is some ten years old to a local auto body person for an estimate for repairs so as to extend the useful life of the vehicle. According to Devies, Wise got wind of it and insisted that he get competitive bids which Devies says he is okay with.

Apparently, the getting multiple bids scenario grew out of challenges made to the trustees for going out and getting Compu-Tek to replace Kyle Devies as the maintainer of the township computer system without first getting competitive bids.

It appears relationships are still tender in Marlboro.

In the opinion of the SCPR, it will take the Wolf not running (or being defeated, if he does decide to run) and Wise being defeated, if he chooses to file and run, before normalcy returns to Marlboro Township.

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