Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Notice how hard it is to see the phrase: "This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense."

The SCPR enlarged the phrase and put it in the middle of the graphic above so you could "sort of" see it. On the actual brochure the disclaimer is in small print and obscured in darkness (a strong mask of opaqueness).

Shame, shame on Congressman Boccieri for the attempted deception!

Yours truly got this piece in the mail yesterday. Interesting.

Just a few days ago Boccieri cut off the SCPR off from press releases because he did not like the "cap-and-trade" (not what he calls it, but what it really is) piece The Report did back when he voted for it after saying all along he was against it (even looking Obama in the eye and telling him that),

Boccieri and his staff thought they were punishing the SCPR. Actually they had done yours truly a huge favor. While The Repository, The Massillon Independent and The Alliance Review parrot almost line for line the Boccieri public relation-esque "talking points," the SCPR never has (always using direct quotes from the release and identifying the material as such).

Now readers of The Report will be spared seeing Boccieri spin, even out of his own mouth. A big thank you is in order for Boccieri and his "handlers."


Well, Congressman, please take my name off your mailing list for this "campaign-esque" literature disguised as a "Constituent Service Guide." Apply the preparation, printing, card-stock and postage savings to the national debt.

Just answer the questions I emailed to you immediately after you flip-flopped on "cap-and-trade."

And, by the way, I am personally for "cap-and-trade" but, on reflection, probably in a different form that you voted for.
The Boccieri faux-"Constituent Service Guide" is a 400 square inch (unfolded, printed front and back) 6 panel, color printing card stock mailing.

Talk about expense!!!

When Congressman Boccieri talks about saving taxpayers money, take it with a grain of salt.

16th District voters should be getting an inkling now that the congressman speaks with a forked tongue!

For an addon, here is a copy of the front page of the Boccieri brochure.

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