Tuesday, July 7, 2009


William J. Healy, II is probably Canton's most secretive and controlling mayor ever.

He has been out to nail Canton police chief Dean L. McKimm pretty much from day one of his administration.

From material that the SCPR received from the city of Canton pursuant to a public records request, it is clear to yours truly that outgoing safety director Tom Nesbitt has been under pressure from Healy to get rid of McKimm.

Plaudits are in order to McKimm and his attorney Craig Conley for asking for an "open to the public" hearing. This is a crazy world indeed. The prosecutor (the city of Canton administration) is spending money Canton doesn't have to "behind closed doors" to put McKimm on the outside looking.

There is an strong irony here. Canton is insisting on a - closed to the public hearing - while McKimm has gone to court to force the hearing open. (Safety director postpones hearing on Canton police chief, The Rep, July 6, 2009)

The SCPR is reminded of the prosecution of Marlboro police chief Ron Devies. The Marlboro trustees (Wise and Wolf), Prosecutor John Ferrero and Sheriff Tim Swanson were all "closed mouth" (cowardly) about the unwarranted and unfair prosecution of the highly respected Devies, while Devies was very open and would talk to anyone with questions.

Quite simply Devies had nothing to hide. And Judge Sinclair saw it his way. The prosecution's top gun (Dennis Barr) couldn't force the defense to put on its case. That's how bad the trustees, the prosecution and the sheriff served Stark County justice. But they have never apologized. They just sleeked into the night.

Healy is also cowardly type who works other people to do his dirt. Like when a celebrity fundraiser function he was trying to get Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley to sic the sheriff on his political enemy Greg Hawk. Healy was bogus on this as he is on most things.

Meanwhile Canton sinks deeper and deeper into an economic morass while Healy games his opponents for the sake of his own ego!

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