Friday, September 25, 2009


The SCPR has been ignoring, for some time now, source reports that a major shake up in about to be made by the Strickland administration that affects Stark County.

The Report chooses to nominate the "shake-up" as blessed events as indicated in the specially "conceived" graphic to appropriately honor the subjects of Strickland administration attention.

Blessed Event #1

Democrat Steve Meeks, former Jackson Township trustee who tried to pass his trusteeship on to wife Patty, is about to become the ex-regional 9 economic development?

Meeks couldn't persuade Jackson Township voters to go along with his grand plan to keep it all in the family.  Keeping it in the family seems to be a common trait among many Stark Democratic office holders.

Meeks got his political mentor and ally, former Stark County chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., to sponsor him with governor-elect Strickland to appoint Meeks to the economic development directorship.  A post formerly held by North Canton Council president and Republican Daryl Revoldt when Bob Taft was governor.
So say multiple sources of the SCPR.

Maier is in Strickland's thrall because Johnnie had the good luck to be the first county chairman to endorse Strickland when he ran against Brian Flannery in the Democratic primary in 2006.  Strickland makes it abundantly clear that Maier has a special place in his heart.  Apparently, emotion has trumped over good sense with the humble-born Strickland from Duck Run, Ohio.

In the judgment of the Strickland folks, Meeks has outlived his usefulness and it is time for him to move on.

Move where?

Well, hold on just a minute will you!



Tom Harmon is said to be stepping down as Stark County commissioner after January 1, 2010.

Now folks, wasn't it worth the wait?

The most unbelievable part of the Harmon step-down conjecture is that he is said to be headed to Columbus or elsewhere in our Buckeye state in the service of the Strickland administration.

Yours truly knew things are bad in Ohio.  But really, Tom Harmon working at the state level.

That part is likely untrue.  Here's a guy who likely spent decades slung back in his easy chair with feet on desk while clerk of courts for the Canton Municipal Court.  Then he moved on to the commissioner's office where he has achieved virtually nothing now he's going state?    The SCPR refuses to believe this part of the story.

The next part?


Steve Meeks is going to be appointed by Stark Democrats at the insistence of Stark County Democratic chairman Randy Gonzalez.

Makes sense to the SCPR.

After all, they are long time political pals out there in Jackson.

If these speculated "ahake-up" events come off; should Stark Countians see them as "blessed events?"

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